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Head Monster 78 vs. K2 Apache Recon

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Would love to hear opinions on a choice between these 2 skis. The application is for an advanced but not expert skier, mid-40's, 170 lbs. skiing primarily in the East. Want to get something wider than my Fischer RX Fire 8's, but not a much wider powder ski since I rarely get to ski powder. Seems like these are 2 great skis, so there is probably no way to go wrong here. I would like to hear from those who have skied both to see what you felt and then adapt that feedback to my wants/needs to make the choice. I am especially interested in comments about feel and forgiveness. Thanks!
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Any comments/input for the good of the cause??
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I have not skied on the K2 but have a pair of 78's.
I am similar to you, mid 40's 190lbs and have always skied on race or near race skis.
Maybe it's my age but I am starting to enjoy skis more forgiving lately.
Because of my connections at our area I have several pairs of Head skis, the Magnum, the M82 and the M78 and the 78's are becoming my favourite ski for around here.
I originally tried them with a demo binding and thought they were weak, but with the railflex binding it is a completely different ski, much more stable.
With the sidewall construction they are torsionally stiff and hold on ice, but still allow you to ski in slush etc. I dont think they would be great in deep powder but deep powder around here is 3 inches.
I find I can ski all day without straining my knees like I do on the magnums and I actually find them more stable than the magnums.
Take this for what it's worth, you really have to demo because everyone has a different opinion and there are a lot of those here. I am skiing these in a 171 cm and I see no reason for longer, I have skied the 177 and unless I was out west I wouldn't bother. I have a 183 M82 for that. I find on these forums everyone says buy the ski long, and I wonder the motivation of that sometimes. I dont need to prove anything by skiing on a long ski, I did that for 20 years and I enjoy the shorter ones more.
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Thanks for the feedback. Like you, I am done with skiing anything longer than I need! Anyone out there have comments on the Apache Recon for comparison?
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I don't know what your heights are, but it would be optimum to go nose height on the iM78 for general use, or head height for more versatility off-piste. I have skied them in several lengths, and really like nose height -- it makes for a very good all around ski.
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I have owned to Recon (174) and demoed the IM78 in both the 171 and 177. Unfortunately when I demoed the im78 there was NO new snow at all. at higher speeds the 177 was a more stable but not overwhelming so. In what bumps I could fin very early in the season the 171 was definitely more maneuverable. I have skied the Recon in most conditions you will find here in the east. In my opinion the ski is just too lifeless to be much fun in moguls. The edge grip is not in the same league as the IM78. It is easy and fun in fresh snow and cut up snow and crud. I am sure the IM78 is at least as good in those conditions but haven't tried it there. My vote for skiing in the east would go to the IM78 for its superior edge grip and mogul performance. I am about the same height and weight as you are. Hope that helps.
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I haven't skied the Head but bought a pair of Recons (167 cm, as I only weigh 145 pounds, and am 52 YO) this year. They are the most fun set of skis I've ever owned, the second best having been race stock Rossi GS skis in the mid 1990s, and I've owned about 20 different sets over 40 years. I too am looking to relax and these things are great. If you want good edge hold, sharpen them at 2 degrees and extend the tune further up the tip and back on the tail. They held better on ice last week than my Volkl 6 stars when tuned that way and were much more relaxing. I love them in bumps because of their dampness--however I like to turn my skis, not the other way around. They are great on typical eastern slop where the snow transitions frequently (beach sand bumps alternating with hard snow between the bumps), and are in my opinion one of the best skis in both powder AND crud.
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