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"Surprise, surprise..."

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"...your ACL is fine."

Got that from the doc today who looked at my MRI.

I have a minor tibial plateau fracture. He says I missed a "life changing" surgery by a few milimeters, as the fracture is on the outside of the tibia, and there no displacement involved. On a scale of 1-10, in severity (10 being worst), he says this is about a 2.

On crutches for 4-6 weeks, normal activity in 2-3 months, no surgery. Says the ACL may have been strained, that's all.

Dodged a bullet - actually, dodged two. No comment on the original dx - just glad it was wrong.

Thanks for the support everyone, especially my newfound ACL buddies. Good luck to you guys - can't say I wish I was going through it with ya, but, like they say, "there by for the grace of the Snow Gods go I...."

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Great to hear!

Dave...quite a blessing to hear you dodged that one, even moreso to know you care alot for us who have the knife ahead of us.

Re-hab wisely and vigorously...its always worth it.

Thanks for the great news, we are happy for you here in my home.
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Good news indeed! You have made the best case for getting more than one opinion.

Heal quickly and arrive on the other side stronger.:
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Very glad to hear it, Dave! The newer ortho checked it multiple ways, yeah? Kick butt in recovery!
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Originally Posted by num View Post
Very glad to hear it, Dave! The newer ortho checked it multiple ways, yeah? Kick butt in recovery!
Yeah, the second doc had the benefit of the MRI, which the first doc did not have, and he took some pretty good pulls at the gam.

Interestingly, the first doc took Xrays of the bone and found nothing...and the second doc did the same, and also found nothing. But he saw the fracture on a couple of slides of the MRI.

So I'm not going come down too hard on her - she made an educated guess based on symptoms and some manipulation, and even the second doc conceded it wasn't a stretch (oops, bad pun there...).

I'm cancelling future appts with the first doc...but no hard feelings. I'm learning that the knee is a shifty mistress.

I'll be rowing on some snowmelt by end of May, if my luck holds out. Considering what a droop and whiner I was when this first happened, I'm more fortunate than I deserve to be.

Good luck with your upcoming recovery, num. Please let us know how things progress.

And thx bonni and snowfan.....
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Colorado Dave, what great news! Good thing you good that second opinion. I'm glad no surgery for you, good luck with the fracture.
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Good on ya! It never hurts to get a second opinion and sometimes you like what you hear more.
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