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Carving steeper bits pt2/general MA

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Without dragging up the thread I started here http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=66701 that got rather heated I'd though I'd start a new one now I have video.


The first clip are my normal turns down a blue

The second is part of a red piste that I struggle to keep a carve on. It isn't steep (but still looks much less steep on video) but I struggle nonetheless. Bigger turns are due to trying to complete the turn more and go across the slope a bit for speed control.

Last parts are my friend attempting to follow me. The very last bit is on the flat at very low speed.

A dodgy pic of me mid turn if it helps :

I have never seen myself ski before, interesting to see. My hands/arms have always been a problem, I move my left arm weirdly sometimes and let my hands get down near my sides often. I also seem to ski very square so my upper body looks weird. I am totally self taught and ski one week a year (I'm a brit) so my ability is very modest compared with most of you guys. Any advice would be great.

All videos are on my Volkl P60s (£60 off ebay lol). I rented some Atomic SL12s for my last day and the difference was massive. They had way more edge grip and energy. I felt so much more confident going faster on them so I could shorten my turns on the steeper bits and they didn't break away as easily. The guys I was skiing with all immediately commented that my skiing had jumped a level above what it was just by switching skis. Needless to say I now have a pair
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In general, it's okay...

...I've skied on Volkl, but IMHO the SL12 is far superior. The wheels definitely fall off in the red section. It's not really a technique thing, it's more that you're skiing defensively. On the steep, you have to take it to the hill. If you get back on your haunches, the hill will kick your butt. Go back to the same pitch and try to make some high-end World Cup SL turns. If it doesn't work out perfectly, so what?

You're not following your skis that badly, but it is something to be aware of. The main thing is the pole plant, or lack thereof. A good pole plant is absolutely required for short swing on the steep...and everywhere else, too...
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I think on the steeper section you need more amplitude.
If you extend more you'll be able to mover your COM more as opposed to your ski's. As SkiRacer55 said, the poleplant could be a vital element there, it determins rythm, tells you when to extend.

Most important to me is the "Hip steering". I'd like to see work more with your knees and less with your hips to attain an edge angle. Push your knees forwards and inwards instead of leaning your hips into the mountain. You'll achieve a greater inclination of the lower leg (and a lot of angulation of the upper body) and that directly causes greater edge angles which will your turn radius shorter.

Mind you I'm only a Belgian and eventhough I see more snow than you 30+ days per season), by no means do I live on the slopes like some others here do, nor do I ski or instruct professionally.
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What's Marlies doing that you aren't, or aren't doing sufficiently, or aren't doing soon enough?

Learn retraction turns instead of extension turns. You'll be on your new edges much sooner and have a shorter period of time where your skis are flat and accelerating. Note how Marlies has her outside leg near-straight during the turn, then retracting it to end the old turn and beginning the new turn.

Counter sooner and hold it longer. Twist your inside hip forward as early as possible in the turn and hold it forward for the full duration of the turn. You want your zipper to face the bottoms of your skis.

Increase your angulation as the turn continues. You need greater edge angles as the forces increase toward the bottom of the turn. Notice how you get to your angle, then hold it. Increase that angle continuously until you're ready to turn the other way. I'm not a fan of knee angulation--the knees aren't made to bend that way. Do as you're doing and get the angulation from the hips
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