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Mytic or Prophet?

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I am in an awkward position: I purchased some new Line Prophet 90s in a 186cm on ebay, but I think these may be too long and I am leery about the Twin-Tip deal. Do the back tips trip each other up?

I am thinking of reselling these before mounting and buying something shorter but still stable and versatile, like a Mythic Rider 178cm or Fischer Watea 94 179cm(?)
I noticed on epicski forums (Mar18, 2008) SierraJim liked the Mythic Rider better than the Line Prophet 90 for all mountain:
"--I am not a park guy at all but I ski twips as all mountain skis fairly regularly and personally prefer the Line P-90. As mentioned the MR is a better all mountain ski in all regards than any of the aforementioned twips (including the P-90) but it is not a twip and therefore it's utility in the park is limited to directional manuvers."
How are the Mythics better than the Line P-90s?

Me: 5'-10", 180 lbs, 51 YO, Level 9, ski mostly Crystal Mtn Washington, mostly on powder/softchop/crud on double/single diamonds. Due to variable NW conditions, often get powder in AM but heavy crud later and icy moguls in runouts.
Current skis: 181 K2 Axis X pros: stiff and stable but lacking float for the soft stuff.

I am looking for (in order) 1)better powder performance, 2)stablity in crud, 3) Tight space manueverability 4)mogul performance and 5) good edge and stability on high speed hard groomers.
Ski and size recommendations?
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those are all great skis, I have skied none of them.
yep, the 186 P90 is probably too long for you, but dont forget the big twin looses about 10cm of running length, so you could probably get away with it, especially on soft days.

the only time i notice my twins trip each other is while haringboning (in poor form), I don't notice them while skiing.
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I am a HUGE fan of the Watea 94 and have skied the Mythic. The Mythic is super stiff compared to the Watea. I think it may perform marginally better in crud and straightlining/gs turns on hardpack but otherwise I've give the edge to the 94 in powder performance, maneuverability, and mogul performance.

I'm 20 pounds heavier and I think the 178 Watea 94 is enough ski for me. However I could see skiing the 186's too since they're such a friendly ski. Personally I think you'd be very happy on the 178 length.
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