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Asra ?

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Another ski season winds down and once again I didnt get involved in racing like I would have liked to. Today while perusing the NY Masters site I found the ASRA (American Ski Racing Alliance). Unlike all the other east coast based racing associations, these guys have races that are relatively very close to me, that means I can probably do it more often. Anyone here a member or participate? How are the races, organization, other members etc.? Thanks
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They are very laid back. I did a few races with them last year. The fastest people are pretty fast, but there is a lot more "diversity" in skill than at USSA masters races. They tend to have pretty well run races - things usually happen on time. Typically the hill runs the race for them. They can get some good deals too. I did a race at Killington where the race and the lift ticket combined was cheaper than the walkup price for a lift ticket. They have a fall camp in Vermont each year that is a good way to get started. Good parties with lots of swag, too.

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Thanks, thats the impression I was getting from their website.
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Richie-you'd certainly be welcome at any of the NY Masters races, although they'd be a fair hike for you from L.I. The closest ones would be the Central NY races at Labrador and Greek Peak. You can do two races on a temp licence-any more and you need the full USSA Masters licence. Think about it for next year.
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I will thanks John!
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Why not try a DH next year.........

After reading some of your posts, it seems you really should try a Civilian / Open Downhill next year. The NADS series offers a one or two races that are perfect for 1st time speed merchants...... and yes you can wear your Full-Faced helmet, no problem.....

Info @
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The NADS series did peak my interest, but as much as I love speed I don't think I am ready for that yet. But thanks.
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That's cool

If you make an ASRA race, ask some of the other racers about NADS.
I would not do Jay Peak, Legends or Stowe, but Ragged or Crotched would be a great first time DH. The cool thing is, the vibe is very positive and supportive for any racer, and any of the top seed guys are very willing to help newer racers out. Join the mailing list and you'll get info emailed about all of the races and events.... Good Luck!
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Done, thanks again.
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Thought I'd bump this, as the season is approaching. I did 3 ASRA races last season. I am new to racing, but wanted something more than NASTAR and ASRA fit the bill. The course sets are more challenging and longer than the typical NASTAR set. And it just is more of an "event" as you only get 2 runs (or 4 if it is a dual race). They also run one or two Super Gs. If you want to build your way up to speed (which is where I am at), I hear the Bellayre GS is a very fast course (if they are open!).
ASRA has a few dates on the schedule already.
Last season there were also a few training days (weekday) at Windham. That was all run by Windham, and they did GS and SL and shot video.
Overall, its laid back, but they are into racing. Just about everyone will be in race suits, but its not too intimidating, as there are people of all skill levels. Just crazy racers having fun...and top it off with awards after the race in the bar/lodge.
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don't forget NE masters, as well as ASRA

a wkend license can get you into some sweet races!
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Sounds good, hopefully this will be the season I get more involved in the racing scene...Ive been itching and I have the gear and need for speed just gotta get'er done.
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just go full out and buy a ussa licence so you dont have to worry about getting temps all the time.
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Seeking better organized, safer and more interesting speed events the Top Racers and Sponsors from last years series have rolled into a new organization.
the N.E.S.C.
Want to feel like your racing at a World Cup event?
Want to train with real x-world cup / olympian coaching
then go to: or
Gonna be an awesome season...........
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