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Watea 101 in the bumps

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Anybody run the moguls with this ski?.......(with their feet tight)
I might go to them instead of my Big Stix which aren't that bad in soft bumps.......I definitely like the width for powder.....
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The good news,

the 101 has a soft flex
the 101 is light
the 101 is lively
the 101 is a twin tip

The bad news

the 101 is wide and long

Short answer, the 101 is very good in the moguls for a ski this size.

See this info on length:

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Thanks for the info.......every year I'm edging more towards 195-200 again.......
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I ski the original 101s, which are a bit softer than the newer ones. As noted, their mellow flex (lack of metal layers) makes them a reasonably decent bump ski for their size. Keep in mind that they have almost no camber and very little sidecut. If you do intend to use them in the bumps I would strongly suggest jacking up the bindings with riser plates. I have mine mounted flat and it's a long way from one edge to the other.
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Interestingly, I would say the opposite and suggest no lift on wide skis for free-ride and bumps. Lift has a smaller beneficial impact (proportionally) the wider a ski gets. And lift only works at higher edge angles, having zero effect when you first begin edging the ski. In contrast, the (detrimental) width effect is strongest at zero edge angle and goes away the further you tip the ski. Overall, I feel like flat mount is the way to go on really wide skis -- it just feels more graceful underfoot to me.
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A flat mount defintely feels more stable in deep snow, particularly if your fat skis have a lot of sidecut, but when trying to quickly reverse the angulation in the bumps or hardpack the increased leverage that a little lift gives me seems to help. Maybe I'm just getting old and lazy, but it definitely seems like a long way between edges if I'm trying to carve on my 101s. Perhaps if they had a little snap it might help things out.
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Lift definitely helps when you want to reverse the angulation, so I can agree with that reasoning!
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The biggest help I've ever experienced is putting cants under my bindings.( I use wedge pads from horseshoeing).....start out with a flat ski and things get much quicker edge to edge........
Any way to get last years 101?
Everyone looks sold out
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