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Life List?

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I am rather new to this forum and don't know if this has been done before, but an article in one of those ski magazines this month seemed a good way for everyone to get an idea about everyone else's ski habits. How about giving the group an idea of how long your life list is, and the top 5 areas you have skiied?
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hill country guy here. "life list"? not sure whatcha mean. (and whatEVER you do, do NOT mention you're from texas. OOPS. you'll hear about it worse than if you're from, say, los angeles.)
my top 5, in my very brief career:

arapahoe basin
mt. baldy(SoCal)

no particular order
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Your right ryan. It's a toss up on shaky town or the good old boys. L.A. has an attitude but you ain't never seen mad till you piss off a coon-ass. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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dammit, slider, what'n the hell's a coon ass? my family's been drippin' outta arkansas for awhile, spillin' into texas and other parts for a long time and "i ain't never" heard coon ass. (what've i opened up?)

feallen, if a life list is about places one would LIKE to ski oneday, i'm thinking big sky, mt. hood or bachelor in the spring, sun valley, someplace in the east(in a good snow year) and any outta-the-way hill with soul that no one ever hears about. and one of those ski-forever valleys in euroville.
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well ryan I've worked with the southern boys for over 10 years and a coon-ass is a person from the deep south. It is not a derogatory(sp) remark. That's what they call them selves.
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And here I thought coon asses were from Louisiana. Or is Louisiana just east Texas?
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Yes there from Louisiana. But we just lumped altogether.
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Louisiana's east OF texas, and a lot of Louisianan's even know that. 'Cause they gotta go back home after they come over for real fishing.
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Nice topic feallen, I read the same article, it's definitely fun to hear the places that other people really enjoy.

My list is definitely constrained by the fact I can only draw from the experience of 13 decent sized ski areas, but here goes:

(Not in any particular order)

Mad River Glen (Once you've skied Paradise you'll know why)
Jay Peak (You can stay in the trees all day long)
Steamboat (I can't get enough of Shadows and Closet)
Stubaier Gletscher (My only European ski experience with good snow)
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Best five experiences for me..

Mad River Glen, VT (I agree about the Paradise comment..)
St. Anton, Austria (the atmosphere also added a lot)
Jackson Hole, WY
Tuckerman's Ravine, NH
Stowe, VT

Even though I ski Killington almost every week... it does not make the list (except for a couple of those 'not on the map' trails)

I hope to add a couple this year. New places for me this year, which might make the list, are:
Sugarbush, VT
Ajax / Aspen Highlands / Snowmass
Squaw / Alpine Meadows
Jay Peak
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I've had some epic ski experiences at some smaller areas that wouldn't make anybody's list.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ryan:
dammit, slider, what'n the hell's a coon ass? my family's been drippin' outta arkansas for <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Arkaksas???? How does a guy born in a mobile home become a Red Sox fan?
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actually, it was an AFB in Orlando, Florida. (Make that Flahduh.) The rest is a helluva long story. And it's my mom's side that's from that part of the world. Spent about every summer "back home" but I grew up in Orange County. (Please, DON'T. One can't always choose where one lands.)
Far as the Sox, who knows? Stuff happens. Call me a mongrel.
(in an odd after-the-fact twist, it turns out my father, whom i've never met, was born and raised in Westfield, Mass., and played minor league ball for the Boston BRAVES before the Korean War interrupted things. didn't know any of this till relatively recently.)

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5 best resorts I've been to:
-AltaBird (excellent, get to combine them)
-Deer Valet
-Tignes/Val d'Isere

Places I've never been that are on my top 'need to go' list:
-Jackson Hole
-Les Trois Vallees
-The Arlberg
-CMH - Canadian Mountain Heli-Skiing

Like other Killington regulars, Killington is quite far down my list. It's even quite far down my New England list. In the east, I much prefer Jay, Smuggs, and Sugarloaf. Mad River is great midweek.
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Last year was my first year skiing. I spent the first part of the year in Massachusetts, then took a skiing road trip and ended back up in Seattle where I've lived since '87. I have limited experience at resorts, but my top 5 so far are:

1. Jackson Hole Wy
2. Alta, Ut
3. Mt Baker, Wa
4. Mad River Glen, Vt
5. Butternut Basin, Ma (only because I lived four miles away and learned to ski there last winter - nice family mtn, excellent grooming, good place to learn)

Didn't make the list, but I also skied:
Stratton Vt; Tremblant, On; Gore Mountain Ny; Whiteface Ny; Squaw Valley Ca; Stevens Pass Wa; Crystal Mtn Wa; Snoqualmie/Alpental Wa (bought season pass there)

Top 5 I want to go to over next few years:
1. Jackson Hole Wy -- gotta go back!
2. Europe - destination to be determined
3. Other Tahoe areas -- Kirkwood, Alpine Meadows, maybe others
4. Whistler (just up the road from Seattle, I'll be there a couple of times this winter)
5. Alta/Snowbird combo
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Wow darrellcraig, that is some list for your first year.

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I will ad MRG to the top of my list of best days of skiing.

Hatchers Pass, Alaska
Sunshine, Alberta
Interconnect (Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton)
Big Mountain, Montana

Honerable mention:

Mt. Snow (got hit with 30+" of fresh)
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Kima, I was really lucky to be in between work, so I took advantage of my time off to learn downhill skiing (I've skied nordic for 10 years). This season, I will not be so lucky but am aiming for 30 days. Will hit all the WA resorts, Whistler, and hope to make one ski trip out of the Pac NW.
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My top Five mountains /days in no order.

1. Grand Targhee (Anytime it is snowing copeious (sp) amounts of snow which is most of the time)
2. Fernie BC (Opening Day December 99)
3 Jackson Hole (just after or during large a dump)
4. Big Mountain, Mt (Montana is Big Sky county, and Big Mt. is the best atmosphere the west has to offer; Also it is only 2 hours to Fernie, BC.)
5. Mt. Bachelor, Or. or Mammoth, Ca. in late April or May (Spring skiing doesn't get any better than these two)
6. Brundage Mountain, Idaho April 8, 2001 (21 inches during the week prior and 6 inches during the day. Free skiing for EVERYONE, as it was closing day; I tried to talk the bar maid into free beer, but no such luck, sorry)

Just my thoughts
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Thanks for all the comments folks. I just have to let you guys know how close your discussion hit home. I am a certified 'Coonass'. The definition is loosely; one of Acadian French ancestry living in the southern U.S.. The vast majority of this group lives in south Louisana, but some of us got exiled to Texas in the past. I guess I get to take the hit on the Texas and the Coonass remarks.

To respond to my own question, my life list is about 50 long with my top 5 being:

1. Sunshine Village
2. Snowmass
3. Grand Targhee
4. Aspen Highlands
5. Kicking Horse

Good Skiing!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Slider is absolutely correct......"ain't never seen mad till you piss off a coon-ass"

I know, I married a girl one!
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It took half the cops in Dallas county just to put one coon ass boy in jail. Charlie Daniels Band.

Hope I didn't stir up the mud too much feallen. I admire their family morals and way of life. Zydeco music and Cajun food!!

Slide Mt.,Nv
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Alta, UT
Jackson Hole, WY
Snowbird, UT
Kirkwood, CA
Solitude, UT
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In no particular order:
Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec
Jackson Hole, WY
Alta, UT
Brighton, UT
Crested Butte, CO
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I don't know about a life list but if its the slopes I've known and loved -

Bogus Basin - Boise, Idaho
Brundage - McCall, Idaho
Park City - Park City, Utah
Deer Valley - Park City, Utah
Wolf Mountain/Canyons - Park City, Utah
Zel-em-Zah - Austria
Winterberg - West Germany
Solitude/Brighton - Salt Lake City, Utah
All-that-slush - Snoqualeme, Washington

I can't remember the name of the last one only the snow-cone stuff we slushed on.

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My 5 Favorite Areas

Mammoth (duh-that's why I live here)
Val d'Isere/Tignes
Tioga Pass (no lifts but truely sick terrain)
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