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We're going to send the following letter to my boss on April fools day. We're going to CC his boss and he's going to take it into him "Care to explain this?) We're going to get it on the other departments letterhead (my buddies next door neighbor works from them....) My boss is a bit dramatic, he's going to have a heart attack....

Names have been changed to protect the guilty (us).

April 1, 2008


Dear Mr. Mid-manager.

Subject: Time Overages for consultation and repayment plan.

As you know, there has been significant consultation between our offices over the past few months. We understand that there have been many complex issues involving your Division regarding rules changes, regulations, enforcement actions, permitting, etc. However, each Division is only allotted 150 hours per month. Based on our calculations, for the months of January, February and March, your Department exceeded this allotment by 37 hours. Of these 37 hours, 35.5 of those hours can be directly attributed to meetings and phone calls that you specifically requested, attended or initiated. It is our interpretation that this represents gross misuse of the service provided by our office.

Human Resource Regulations, specifically HR-04-01-08, allow for the restitution of any overages from any employee that is seen to be abusing the consolation service from the our Office. HR-04-01-08 states that restitution shall be provided at a reasonable hourly rate ($112.67 per hour) with 12.56% APR.

It is with regret that we are seeking the amount of $4,120.08. This amount will with withheld from your paycheck starting with pay period seven which ends 4/18/2008. This amount shall be withheld over the course of 1 year (26 pay periods), with a total of $158.46 being withheld from each paycheck until the balance is repaid.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Mark Knofler
2nd Assistant Financial Comptroller