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Hot Gear Bag - Review

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What a Great Idea!
There have been many threads about how to travel with ski boots, which have consisted of questions regarding...........
1) What kind of bag to carry, that will accommodate ski boots and still fit in the overhead compartments on planes,
2) How to dry your boots on a road trip
3) How to keep your boots warm for the drive to the mountain

The answer has come in the form of Zip Fit Hot Gear Bag.

The bad is large enough to hold all your boots, helmet, gloves, and a few other miscelaneous items, yet its compact enough to fit in an overhead compartment of most airplanes.

Handy features of this bag
1) Warming abilities in three modes, Warm, Dry, Hot
This allows you to be flexible about the temp of the items in the bag depending on your preference and weather conditions.

2) Cord attachements that can be used in the cigarette lighter style outlet in your automobile, as well as an standard wall outlet plug. Both of which have their own handy zippered pocket for easy storage when not in use.

3) Besides the roomy heated main compartment, this bag also includes handy zippered side pockets, and a stretchy lace up harness on top for helmet storage(If you don't wear a helmet, then you can use that space for your hairdryer or heat gun)

4) Reinforced handle for carrying, as well as Back pack style straps that store in their own zipper compartment, when not in use, yet easy to access when you need to strap on your back and get going.

I have used my hot gear bag twice since I've had it, though I have not used it for Air Travel yet.
After only two days of use, I can safely say, .............a girl can really learn to get used to cozy feet on a cold morning.
Where to buy:
Our own Bud Heishman has them at his establishment as seen in our Sponsor Deals for Epic Members forum.
Not to mention - Hot Gear is an Epic Ski Sponsor!

*Important warning:
The only drawback I see with this bag is that its devastating to your Snickers snacks and Hershey kisses when you forget you put them in the bag, and turn on the power. Although my boots smell yummy!!
Good thing they are the Krypton Storm instead of the Krypton Kryzma, or someone may mistake the boots for chocolate and edible.
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A few people have PM'd me regarding the capacity of carrying a helmet with the boots in this bag.
Here is my short-ish answer.
I have a helmet pod for my helmet and never carry it in my boot bag, so I have not experimented with including it in my boot bag "needs".
However, there is an elastic/expandable area on top of this bag that is meant for helmet toting, which may or may not work well. It looks a little quirky to me, but it may work great.

The goggle, glove and other such storage seems to be ideal and works great for me.
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The helmet carrying system on the top looks a bit quirky to me too. I put my helmet in the main compartment with the boots. It's a squeeze (Carrera medium) but it fits fine.

I've been using mine for a couple months now. It's a really high quality bag and a good size. Actually there are three sizes. I believe Trekchick and I both have the middle one.

I really love it when I have a long drive to the hill. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter and a couple hours later the boots are nice and toasty. I thought this bag would replace my Snapdry but I've found that when warming my boots in the morning, fifteen minutes with the Snapdry does the job but the Hot Gear bag takes an hour or more for the same results.

As far as drying the boots is concerned, I haven't come to any solid conclusions. The Snapdry will get it done in a few hours. The Hot Gear bag seems to take considerably longer and I wonder if it would get the job completely done if they were more than a little bit wet. The directions warn against having it on for more than twelve hours.

All in all I feel it's a great quality bag and I wouldn't want to do without it on a long drive to the hill but otherwise I'm happier using the Snapdry.
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I bought a similar heated boot bag when they were on clearance at my local shop last season. I got a deal on buying the last four. They were pretty cheap and I bought it more as a joke than as a serious piece of gear. I kept two and gave the other two to a couple I stay with when I ski at Stowe. My girlfriend thought it was the most useless thing that I had purchased until we used them. She liked not having to put on a cold boot and we also use it when cross-country skiing as we put our boots on at the car. As for the couple that I gave the other bags, the wife claims that it is the only way that she can put on her race boots.
The whole heated boot bag idea initially sounded pretty silly, but it works surprisingly well.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
A few people have PM'd me regarding the capacity of carrying a helmet with the boots in this bag.
I'm able to carry my 28 size Salomon Course boots and my XXL helmet plus gloves and a few other items. Even with all this stuff, the bag goes in the overhead bin in most planes.

I will plug in my bag to the AC outlet when I awake, it takes the bag a good hour to heat up. I then switch to DC in the vehicle. This will warm the boots before I get to the resort.

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Michael, what size do you have? I don't have room for boots and helmet in mine. The transpack is perfect.
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Awesome Product

I have the largest size that converts to a backpack and I love it. Warms the boots, gloves, GS suit, etc.

The helmet strap on top of the bag works fine. I have to flip my helmet over when I have the SL guard on it but it still fits and is quite secure.

I got my bag a month or so ago and I think I'm hooked. My boots (plugs) go on like a dream every time.

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I believe the sizes are single, Classic, and Classic Race. The Classic Race is the largest(of course). The one I have is the Classic.
You can look up the details and sizes here at Hot Gear, and as I said, they are an Epic Ski Sponsor, and offer a 10% discount. IIRC they will be raffeling off a bag at the Big Ski ESA.
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I have a new bag never used and if someone wants it make me an off. I believe it is the classic. Send PM.
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Do they get hot enough to effect Intuition liners in any negative way? I had the Tecnica boots with the hotform liners that I plugged into my car. I thought they were pretty much worthless. This sounds like a much better idea.
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UTpowder, I have intuition liners in my Kryptons , so that was a concern of mine when I got it. The answer I got when checking on it was No effect on intuition or thermo liners. So far, I'm happy, and don't see any problem.
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Originally Posted by mkevenson View Post
I have a new bag never used and if someone wants it make me an off. I believe it is the classic. Send PM.
Spoken for
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Originally Posted by UTpowder View Post
Do they get hot enough to effect Intuition liners in any negative way? I had the Tecnica boots with the hotform liners that I plugged into my car. I thought they were pretty much worthless. This sounds like a much better idea.
I've had no problems with the ID liners but Jeff Bergeron warns against the highest heat setting for his footbeds.

Also, in response to this thread I made a concerted effort to put my helmet in the space provided on top of the bag. No problem... pretty slick actually.
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No problem with Intuitions and the 'dry' setting turns itself off after 12 hours anyway.

I still use my 'Dryzone's in the boots as they absorb all the moisture that comes out of the boot and the bag overall is a dryer place for my helmet, gloves and spare socks.
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The only thing I don't like about all of the Hot Gear Bag models is that there is only one main compartment, and at the end of the ski day I don't want to put my dirty wet boots into the same compartment as my clothing. The bag interior will get muddy along with your clothing, unless you place the boots in a plastic bag or wipe the interior clean after every use. I'd like to see some strap arrangement on the bag exterior to hold the wet boots while I hike through the parking lot with my skis on my shoulder looking for my car. I will still use the heated compartment to carry my clean dry boots on the way to the lodge in the morning, as long as I keep using Zipfit liners.
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I love my Hot Gear bag! Get to the slopes and my boots are like buttah!!cool.gif

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Received Hot Gear Pro bag as a gift. Till now used about 20 days.

1 Zip went broken after 1st day of use.

Back pack strap went broken in about 15 days. Now only 1 left:)

Pro Bad is huge designed for boots with sole length 400mm and more:) You need not as big bag as Pro version if you don't have Zipfits. Even for Zipfits it could be shorter by 5cm.

Laners and shells are warm in 1 hour or so. Good news, that heating element works, but it easily could be replaced with car own sits' heating system.

Not quality materials were used for this bag. Quality of work also is very bad. Usually Chainese products are of better quality. Also very cheap zips used in bag. With my opinion retail could be 50-70 euros no more!

Would recommend Hot Gear Pro Bag? No, check something like this bag from more reliable brands. Bag price is heavily overevaluated compare to Hot Gear bag build quality. Seems that all the money went for marketing. Bag is a Lady Gaga of skiing gear.

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Heater in mine quit after one season.

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I have had the HOT GEAR BAG for several season now, and I can't imagine going without it at this point.  


It fits in the overhead on most jets.  It holds and dries my boots, hat and gloves, and has pockets for goggles, a place for my helmet as well as several other pockets for whatever I like. 

It has a sling shoulder strap, as well backpack straps if you like to carry it that way leaving your hands free.  I have custom footbeds that have not been affected by the heat.  My boots also have custom work that has not been affected. The first year I had the bag the element went,  I called, and Ivan, the owner/developer sent me a new element within days.  The straps and clips are well made and I have not had a single problem with the bag in years. 


Great for carrying gear as well as warm, dry and easy to put on boots everyday.  Great product.



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I have the large version. The thing at the top to which Trekchick refers will hold a helmet, but it makes the whole set up so big as to be unwieldy, so I rarely use it.


the large bag holds two pairs of boots which is nice as we only need to use one plug and not need two bags. If you were going to use it for only one pair of boots, which i have done when going solo, you can easily fit boots, gloves, helmet and a host of all the other "stuff" in the one bag. I've even been able to put my back pack (unloaded of course) in the main comparment with boots etc.


If you are concerned about getting clothes muddy by putting them into the main compartment, there is a mesh zippered part inside the lid that can hold a small amount of clothing separate from the boots.


I have not found it to be of poor quality and have been using it for three years now with no problems with zippers or straps. The heating element did go out after two years, but it was not expensive to replace. I realized it went out because of twisting up the outlet cords in too big a hurry and eventually the wires in them broke. I am more careful with the second heating unit and so far no problems.


We love our bag and I am so spoilt now with warm, easy to open and put on boots, I can't live without it!

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Just FYI: at the end of season, heater still works (used "HOT" about 1h before car charger). Seems they are improved it. Zips are still from nowthear but work. Good news, that my ProBag take 3 boots and keep they warm. Hope they thing about their product and subcontructers thoroughly. I want to support independent focused on their product companies, HG til now seems to be invested in marketing mostly. Hope they will inform customers how they are going to improve their products. Have fresh snow

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I've had Hot Gear bags for 4 years. Started with the Single. Loved it. Upgraded to the Pro a couple years ago. Had a heater element fail; it was replaced quickly for free. The Pro (or Classic Race) holds a lot of gear. It takes all I need to carry. I has in the main compartment that lets you separate your boots from other things. Front pockets hold 2 pair of goggles, gloves and lots of other stuff. Side pocket holds Walk-EZs plus more. Helmet carrier on top works great, zips away if not needed. I will put my helmet in the carrier then put my lunch bag or wax kit inside to carry even more.


Gave a single to K for Christmas this year. She loves it. Boots go on warm and easy.


We have a wall outlet timer so we just plug in, turn on the switches and at 4:00 am our bags go on. By 7 they are toasty warm and ready to go.

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