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Time for new boots?

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This is a picture of the boots that I have used for the last five to six years. These also happen to be the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned in my twenty six years of skiing. Also, I was wondering how much it would cost for a new pair of high performance form-fitted boots. Last but not least, does anyone know a really good boot fitter around Albany New York? I would also be willing to travel to get boots as I frequent Vermont quite a bit. Any thoughts? Thank You very much!

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so why do you need to replace them?

foot moving?
pressure points?
heel lifting?

A boot should last 100-200 days if you are not walking around in them
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The bottoms are wearing thin as I have probably skied in these boots 500 times of more. Want to get some heel lifts to move me more forward.
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500 days: ya liners are packed out

FYI heel lift will raise the heel, but keep the tibial shaft angle the same, It will just open the angle of the ankle to the tibia more (and might make the heel of the boot feel tighter)

your boot is a performa, big volume, so start with that, boots will cost $200-$400 (the same as a big box store, but will be the right length, volume, width, flex, etc)
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