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Telluride route.

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Someone told me before, but I cant find it..From Albuquerque, which is the best way. I am thinking the Delores route..I heard it was the flatter way to go, and it also looks a bit shorter?


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The Durango/Mancos/Dolores/Rico/Lizard Head Pass to Telluride is easier and quicker than Durango/Silverton/Ouray/Ridgway/Placerville/Sawpit with 4 passes and a shelf road, though more scenic on the Million Dollar Highway, if you have the time and inclination. The time difference is roughly 45-60 minutes on clear roads (though YMMV).

There's a cut off from Farmington to Hesperus that will skirt Durango and shave 15-30 minutes off that leg and get you closer to Mancos.

HTH & have a good trip. Great skiing is still happening and the weather is very spring like.
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I assume you are talking about hwy 170..Is it in pretty good shape?

Are you going to be up there next week Terry?

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My kid is on spring break next week as well and it's likely we'll head over for a day or two. What dates are you there? We're due for a spring dump. Watch for rocks between Dolores and south of Rico (especially around and east of the 145 is on the map), but the roads are fine. Haven't been on 170 in a while, so not sure it's condition.

Farmington, NM


145 mi – about 3 hours 11 mins
1.Head west on W Broadway/US-64 toward S Allen Ave Continue to follow US-64
2.7 mi
2.Turn right at La Plata Hwy/NM-170
Continue to follow NM-170
Entering Colorado
19.5 mi
3.Continue on CO-140
23.3 mi
4.Turn left at US-160
16.6 mi
5.Turn right at CO-184/N Main St
Continue to follow CO-184
17.4 mi
6.Turn right at CO-145
62.2 mi
7.Turn right at CO-145-SPUR
2.9 mi
8.At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto W Colorado Ave
0.2 mi
9.Turn left at N Cornet St
289 ft
10.Turn right at W Columbia Ave
0.4 mi
Telluride, CO

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Is that 3 hours 11 minutes pretty accurate this time of year?
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On clear roads, it's gotta be pretty close. It's around 2 hours from Durango to Telluride and around 1 hour from Durango to Farmington.

(Note, FWIW, Purgatory is ESE from Rico on 550, between Durango & Silverton.)
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