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Yesterday John Mansell of Sterling skis joined my Over the Hill Gang group and asked me to try out his prototypes for next season. The prototypes are the same ski, but without the Vist bindings and plates (the ones I skied had Atomic bindings mounted directly to the skis).

You may have read my previous review of the 07/08 Sterling Matterhorn. I was blown away by the edge hold, stability, and confidence that they gave me at extremely high speeds for the conditions I skied.

These skis mounted flat were a bit different, but clearly have similar characteristics.

Now to the review...

Conditions: I skied at Copper Mountain, primarily on upper-level blue and black terrain. 3" of reported new snow both days meant a soft surface, occasional deep sections (up to mid-calf), and groomed sections. I was guiding a group, so we covered a lot of terrain and kept moving.

Edge hold: This ski tracks well as does the other version, but isn't as damp so doesn't feel quite as purely on the snow as it does. It's still very solid, though, far more so than the vast majority of skis available.

Turn shape: For me, these Matterhorns also clearly preferred medium- to long-radius turns. Tight turns along the zipperline of moguls tended to cause the tails to hook up a bit.

Release: The skis really reward solid movements along the ski and through release. These are a bit lighter and more lively than the other Matterhorns, but still rewarded solid movements in an especially unusual way.

Conclusions: This new version of the Matterhorn will provide a light-and-lively alternative to the plated version for next year. The overall characteristics are very similar, but the feel may be preferred by some over the much damper Matterhorn.

My stats:

Height: 6'
Weight: 175lbs
Equipment: Nordica Mach 3 Power and Afterburner skis (both in 170) and Aggressor 150 boots
Skiing skills: 37th season skiing, ski anywhere in all conditions. Instructional hobbyist and PSIA Level II since 2004/5 season.