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I chose a hammiegraft because, IMO, the patellar tendon graft is a substantially more painful surgery to recover from. Also, I paint houses from time to time and often am on my knees. Did not want any knee pain to interfere with my painting. Again, IMO, I believe the move is away from patellar tendon grafts and toward hammies. 10 years from now we will have more information as to wether one is clearly better than the other, or an equal option.

The hamstring graft is the only option which appealed to me
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In case you're interested, here's a thread where several of us discussed our ACL injury, surgery, and rehab experiences:
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Originally Posted by Snowfan View Post
Got 'er done!

Thanks doogiedoc and num...doogiedoc has been there and're next!:

doogiedoc...How long before you could walk without crutches?
I was supposed to use crutches with NO weight bearing for 2 weeks. I think I started partial weight bearing at 10 days, and was down to one crutch at 2 weeks. You'll get out of PT what you put into it. "Ain't no one gonna get better but YOU!" Work hard as if your life depended on it and you'll get it all back. Be a slacker and we'll see you in the lodge and not on the slopes...
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Hey Snowfan! How's it going dude! Are we ready to go hit it yet? I hope your pain level is going down. Didn't want to tell you that first nite was rough. When they prescribe oxicodone for severe pain I know it was going to hurt...If you get time (lol) drop me a few lines!
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Let's see those pics:
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Pics for num

7 weeks

6 weeks

Hi all...Its been 7 weeks today. My leg is strong, and the hamstrings which were sore for the first few weeks no longer hurt at all. I have a bump on the outside of my knee, under the incision that is sore. I suspect its where a screw is located, will ask the doc about it tomorrow.

I expect to get cleared to run at 8 weeks and am now riding my mountain and stationary bikes.

My flexion is stuck around 130 and my knee feels 'tight'. Anyone able to elaborate or chime in on this? When I say 'stuck', I mean it hurts to push it past 130.

So far so good!!! No complaints...except for the occasional 'crazy leg' that Salomon mentions. Once in a while...almost every day a time or two, the ol lower leg decides on its own to relax everything and swing to full extension...gotta watch out for that. It hurts.
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Great to see you are getting along well. I'm at 14 weeks post surgery. As long as I was down, thought I might as well get a year old hernia fixed. Actually,the surgery had been postponed twice before. Only thing is not being able to work out. I had been doing so well in the gym. But, it shouldn't take to long to get back to the same level of workout(this time).Otherwise the graft is doing well, but you have to remind yourself not to do stupid crap. And my crazy leg seems to almost have gone away, probably strong enough now. Question: "When are you gonna get some :sun on those legs, I had to were my sunglasses to look at the pics"! lol
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Looks like it's coming along well. Glad to hear it!

I'm at almost 2 and a half weeks post op now, haven't had much in the way of 'crazy leg', but the few times my leg has done something I'd put in that box have been random and startling.

You're heading to the ortho tomorrow? Hope it goes well. I'm seeing mine tomorrow, too.
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Salomon, I wear shorts almost every day. My arms and face are brown, and my legs are scary white. Guess I should get out of the truck more often. My crazy leg seems to be getting better too. How is your range of motion? Can you flex your leg as much as the other leg?

nom...How is your rom?

I went to the doc yesterday and the lump is over a screw, but its not the screw itself. He said the screw embeds in the bone and that the lump is scar tissue. Rubbing on it often should help it go away.

One odd thing I notice is that if I flex my knee very slowly while sitting or laying down, it hurts a little throughout the range of motion. If I move it more quickly, it does not hurt. Hmmm.

Cleared to run (jog) and hitting the trails tomorrow. Weather forecast... 98 degrees and 40 mph wind...
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Hey Snowfan and num... glad to hear your surgery went well and you guys are on the mend. Snowfan, your knee looks a little like mine. I still have some swelling. I'm glad I missed the knife, but I certainly didn't get off scot free. I'm glad to see you guys got through yours well.

The tibial plateau fracture appears well healed, but my MCL still complains at times and the doc says it appears I also have a lateral meniscus issue that will probably give me problems (and require surgery) later...sometime.

I spent seven weeks on crutches, got off 4/24. Still hit the gym 5-6 nights a week during that time (crutched up and down the stairs there every night, even fell down the stairs once), and my rehab people said all appears okay. The doc cleared me for my 6 day San Juan raft trip, gave me a brace for scrambling around camp and hiking, etc.

My flexion is good, but my extension is still somewhat iffy - my pt got my leg to +1 degree last time I was there, but after cranking it. Still not walking just right, but I'm back walking treadmill every night now.

Best of luck during the summer !

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Snowfan, I have full range of motion in my leg. Had my last PT session a couple of weeks ago and we measured it then. But it still gets stiff when I am sitting for any lenght of time. I guess that it will just take some time. I can't wait to get back in the gym. Looks like I will start back on monday. Really looking foward to it! Yea, rubbing on that lump should make it go away. Had to do my scar tissue that way. We have had rain for several weekends here at home, but it looks like sunday may be clear. I hope to go hiking then. As always, we just got to be careful, ya know. Have you thought about a brace for next season? I have read alot of the posts in this forum and that seems to be the right thing to do the first season after the injury. My insurance paid for mine, it just cost me $100. If you go on Donjoys website, they had them for like $449. But my ortho said it was costing them $850. Ya just have to love the medical industry(not really, sweet profit. I only wish I could mark up my parts that high. I did speak to a rep from donjoy and she said all you had to have was a doctors perscription for them to buy direct. Take care of yourself!!!
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Glad to hear you're cleared for your raft trip, Dave! How's that brace feel?

My rom's on track, full extension and maximum flexion allowed by ortho's protocol for this phase in recovery. He uses a rehab protocol that has three phases, and we're done with phase one. Phase two starts 3 months post op, so it's just a waiting game until then, doing my quad isometrics and hamstring curls at home and waiting to start pt back up and get on to real strengthening. He's really particular about what compromises the graft, so there are things that I see in other aclr rehab protocols that I'm not allowed to do yet. No straight leg raises, no hyperextension, no touching my butt with my heel, no repetitive cycling motions yet.

Regarding lumps, I don't have any (yet?) but several divas who've had aclrs mentioned them, and that they massage them with vitamin e oil. One of them said that her pt uses ultrasound therapy over the area.

How was that run?
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I only needed the brace for scrambling around camp, num. It was tight and hot in that sun, but I did need it. Haven't touched it since.
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