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Metron M9 changes?

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When the Metrons were introduced the M9 got lousy reviews from almost every expert except for Phil and SJ. Realskiers was particularly critical, 10 mph speed limit etc. Almost everyone agreed it was a wimp.
Now the highly rated B5 is out of production (I think) and the M9 reviews are complimentary. Reviewers even group the M9 with skis at a higher performace level than they did a few years back when the knock on the M9 was its weak performace!
I did not see any claims from Atomic that it was vastly "New and Improved" over the past few years.
Does anyone know if the ski was changed significantly?
Did the ski change or just the reviewers opinions of it? Can you think of a similar situation with other models that came into or went out of favor over a period of a few years?
If someone knows for sure the ski is basically the same, it raises the interesting followup question of why the expert opinons of the ski changed so much?
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The B5 still exists AFAIK.

I got the M10 a couple years back and have been having a blast on it for 2+ seasons now. There were several favorable reviews here and elsewhere about the ski. Never saw a bad thing written about it, and I have no complaints at all. Thing is an absolute blast.

I am interested in hearing the answer to this question though.
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I stand corrected. The B5 is still in the Metron line.
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