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Look under Rainbow chair about 5 towers from the top on the left there's an old snag. I'll post a picture of it next week.
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Alta's got a new one under the Supreme lift. Any of you start that one?
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Anyone seen a Bra tree at Beaver Creek?
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Solitude under Powderhorn.

I did see a lone pair of mens boxers at PC under Pioneer.

I got a picture of the one at Alta. It was pretty funny. My friends that live down there had never noticed them until I pointed one out at Alta then they started noticing them everywhere.
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Sun Valley, Idaho Mayday Chair, tower 3, left side
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Bra tree at Solitude, UT

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Any bra trees at Snow Basin? Seems like a good topic for an "up close and personal" during the Olympic coverage (when they run out of things to say about competitors, Americans are not winning every gold in sight and, oh yeah, they forget there are actual competitions going on).
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BIG MT off to the right of the main chair- forget the name
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It isnt a bra tree but at Hintertux, Austria everyone seems to through their lift passes in a couple trees when ya come down with the gondola. There must be a couple hundred at least hanging there.
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Happy April Fools Day!
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Jay Peak VT, off the left of the red chair
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