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More specifically; Bra-trees around the world. Who's got 'em. Where are they located?

Here's this list to get you started:

Snowbird- directly under the Gadzoom chair, at approximately where the lower "Bassackwards" run intersects with the chair line.
Vail- Orient Express Lift in China Bowl
Mammoth- Chair 5 between the face of 5 and Sanctuary.
Squaw- Near a cross-country trail
Brighton- 2/3 of the way up Snake Creek
Mt. Snow- No. side somewhere
Aspen- Bell Mountain lift?
Brundage- under Centennial

For a nice little on-slope photo spread, you can CLICK HERE

Along with YOUR bra-tree's location, please feel free to contribute any pics you may have....
"Bras of many shapes and sizes beckon the weary to take comfort under their ample shade"
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Did you notice the female couple strap-on marital aid (tried to say that nicely) hanging in the Snowbird tree last year? Thought that was pretty funny, it has since been removed.
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Crested Butte--Keystone Quad (for skiing families)
Jackson Hole--Teewinot Chair (ditto), a very festive tree
GrandTarghee--Dreamcatcher Quad
Snowbasin--saw one, don't remember where though

How would you explain this tradition to your 8 year old daughter, as I did, upon seeing the aforementioned Teewinot tree?
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Another one about a third of the way up the sunrise lift at Solitude. Kind of ironic?

Why are there so many of these trees in mormon country?
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PCMR - about halfway up Pioneer, on the right
Snowbasin - I remember a really good one on the Middle Bowl chair (they haven't run that lift in about 2 yrs.)

I've heard that some of the items you see in the trees here in Utah may actually be "gaments" and that the tossing of them into trees is some sort of CFKM (Church formerly known as the Mormons)sacred rite?
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Breckenridge: Falcon lift, on right.
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Copper Mountain: American Flyer just before it crosses over Carefree.

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About 7 years ago, took my then 12 year old son to Breckenridge. After a couple of runs, he insisted we had to take a picture of the scenery...right here to see the mountains.

He positioned me, and sure enough, in the picture is the bra tree. I never noticed it!

My son still has the picture!! "Oh, yeah, my Dad took it for me. (How embarrassing).
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There is another one at Mammoth about half way up chair 12.
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2 ft left of my bed North Frontage Road Wail. It was formally a christmas tree but I thought what the heck ... whilst in America .....

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Santa Fe, halfway up one chair, I don't remeber which one.

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Bogus Basin had one on the Pine Creek chair. Management dropped the tree mid-season, claiming it was too close to the haul-line :.
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Chair 5 at Vail.
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To my knowledge there are no Bra trees in Austria or Europe for that matter. This sounds like a typical American, crazy, stupid, irresponsible thing to do.

I just wish I had heard of it earlier. Now all I need to do is get hold of some bra's without anybody thinking I'm just a sweet tranvestite.

Any suggestions?

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Just a warning, while you may try to get hold of a bra without the owner knowing, I have a friend who has discovered from personal experience that 99% of the time, the owner, if occupying said bra, is not always happy at him getting hold of her bra. I'm not sure whether it is due to the material or the contents.

Maybe the bra trees are made by instructors, displaying their trophies of favorite tips (nearly made a spelling mistake there!).

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Knowing that we have several feminists lurking around, do any of them know of (and used)a jock tree showing their trophies of the previous night?

Hmmm, do they really use jocks to show off their "victories".? If not, what would they hang?
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Eyes think MT.Flachelor needs a tree. How's about a boxer tree? I'll start one today. Photo to be posted. :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by slider:
Eyes think MT.Flachelor needs a tree. How's about a boxer tree? I'll start one today. Photo to be posted. :<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Slider here's a Top Tip - If you can't find a tree just use a wall (if you wear them Boxershorts long enough they just stick). I change mind every week whether I need to or not.


PS Make sure you write Gonzo's name inside them and put a Powdermag sticker on the back.

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I'm on a mission. DB
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Jeeze, Slider, a mission to what, kill a cheetah?
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Wow ... Those would work better than tin foil in a fruit tree.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Take a ride on the storm peak express at Steamboat to view the local offerings.
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Bra Trees @ Mountain resort. About 1/2
way up Gunner slope. Just cannot figure how they were tied into the trees. :
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Pick a tree and I toss in a pair. There are a couple good trees under Skyliner Express. Outback also has some good ones but less traffic. Let me know so we don't dilute and start more than one...
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My favorite bra tree was a little aspen on the patio of Donovan's Copper Bar in Vail (Donovans has been gone for 20 years now - I knew there had to be a way to pull the bars and bras threads together). It only lasted a couple weekends before the Town of Vail cleaned it out. Seemed the tree under the old bowls chair was OK but the middle of town was not.
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Long standing and colorful bra tree can be found at Stratton mountain, Vt.

Can be seen adorned with bra's, panties, briefs and boxers!
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why are we californians ignored ?
No fair [img]redface.gif[/img] !!!
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I haven't found a tree yet but I'll keep looking. We did a video and I wore them today. Great day at the Mt. weather wise but a hard base. Snow in a few days. Let me know next time your in town.
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Hey, start your OWN bra tree. Find a lift that passes real close to an appropriate tree. Fling the appropriate discarded "Victoria's Secret" apparel as high up onto the tree as possible and see what happens.
All it takes is some "seed" underwear. Before you know it, the tree will be full and everyone will get a good laugh.

The Bra trees I've seen have usually been on the upper mountain on trails that feed only black diamond runs. Ski areas that little kids and the occasional recreational skier hardly ever see. Wouldn't want to offend anyone's sensibilities!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>The Bra trees I've seen have usually been on the upper mountain on trails that feed only black diamond runs.[/QB]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

"Upper mountain" would really limit Mt. Bachelor. I don't think there ARE any trees on the upper mountain. At least not big enough to support more than one or two bras.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Wouldn't want to offend anyone's sensibilities![/QB]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

So what's the point? I thought this was the purpose of most bra trees.

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