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opinions... any negatives?... on vertigo G3

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I am close to buying a pair. does anyone have any negatives on the G3? any feedback would be appreciated.

my quest is for an all mtn. ski with a pow bias....... and so far the g3 has demoed best for me.

thanks, hank
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I demo'd the 2002 G3, Vertigo Motion and Stockli Stormrider all in 184 earlier this season. I posted my thoughts in a separate thread around December 17 or 18, 2001. Go back to see it and the comments of others.

If you like the G3 you should try the Vertigo Motion and the Stormrider, as well as the K2 Axis X and Axis X Pro, and the Rossi Bandit XX.

My sense of the G3 is that it is a little less lively than the G30/G31 of the past 2 seasons. Its flex isn't as even as the Vertigo Motion's flex. Whether that's good or bad depends upon what you look for in a ski.

If you don't really spend much time in super-tight trees or moguls, the Stockli Stormrider might be your best bet. It floats better and smashes crud and nastiness better than the Vertigo Motion or Vertigo G3.

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I haven't skied the G3 but I've talked to a bunch of ski instructors that are on it (the G30, G31 & G3 are real popular with the instructors in this area). The instructors think the G3 is a much better carving ski than the G30 & G31. On the other hand, they don't think it is as versital. The tails on the G30 & G31 were straighter which made them better for bumps & steeps. The G3 holds turns longer which isn't always desirable in moguls & chutes.

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Have the G3. Fun ski. Good at speed. Very quiet yet has good tail pop. I tend towards GS like turning, but shortening up the turns for bumps has been no problem. Can't address pow or real crud performance, haven't been yet. Doesn't get knocked around in the variable I've skied. You can even ride the tail for fun.
Teamed it up with the 1300 Piston Control, which probably helps "snap" it back into a ready position between turns. But a minimal chance of prereleases is about all I ask of a binding. Shop owner was impressed with the combo of the two (ski and binding). Took his advice. Starting with Z7 Looks, I'd been using Rossi and Look turntables for about 10+ years.
Anyway they are nice skis. Volkl is keeping them the same for the next year( well, a brighter yellow and a tip sleeve is the only difference). So I recommend them heartily!

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I have demo'd Vertigo G3 Energy this weekend, - Sugar Bowl, conditions - a lot of light powder, snowing a lot all day.

It was a lot of fun, seemed to handle speed in deep tracked powder/steeps much better that my XScreams, but G3 has a strange tip that seems to sink in deep crud occasionally - I stumbled couple of times and one time fell down with my skis got stuck in big soft bump May be a flaw in my skiing, but I have never seen this in XScreams ( I think SKIING mag review was mentioning this for some other Volkl models)

Also they did not foat well in deep powder. Other than these two things, they felt better than my XScreams.

I have demo'd 170cm (should I try longer skis? I am 120 lbs, 5'6").
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If you have a bias for pow, why not check out the G4? It's surprisingly versatile and quick for a fat. It's worth a demo.
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I have the G3 this year, as my last years G31's were replace under warrantee.

I like the G3 when things are tight as in our eastern trees. As I did the G31. Bumps are fun for me with this "softer ski".

Yesterday I skied as the light snow fell.(6+ inches) Tracked and broken conditions.

The G3 was great fun. Boot top fresh and piles were rolled over but mostly through wihtout a hitch. My ski companion daugther complained that I kicked up too much snow and she should go first.

Skiing was at a brisk rate and on occasion the tips would flex and turn instead of powering through. I nearly went over the handlebars a time or two. I found myself a bit in the back seat several time protecting the tips. I am feeling that I could have a bit more ski under me for yesterdays conditions, but there was no tree skiing.

I find the edge grip of the G3 positive and strong on hard snow/ice.

I would describe the G3 as a great moderate speed ski in all conditions. Especially suited to quick response and tighter turns.
It is stable on the big swoopers and tracks well.
The final run of the day was a snow filled bump run with ice hard bumps befining the terrain. (Marked with two black boxes, but it was Stratton) The G3's excelled in staying in the soft stuff between the hard mounds. A treat for my tired legs.

Overall, There is a reason for the G3's good reviews. It is very responsive easy to ski tool. If you are high energy and want to drive hard, there may be others (G4 Stockli etc.)

I also ski the Volkl P 30 race carver as my daily driver while on patrol. Less fun in the tight stuff and bumps, but easy to motor on.

190 lbs 6'0" ski G3 at 184, and P30 at 193



I might sell these. Skied twice (It's a story) pm if interested.
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hello. I now own the Vertigo G3 and have been using last 10 days out. very happy. put the marker piston control 1200 binding on them.

I WANT TO THANK ALL WHO RESPONDED TO THIS AND PREVIOUS POSTINGS ..... really helped me in narrowing down my choices and ending up with the new skis I wanted.

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