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Sugarbush or Whiteface?

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Low intermediate,

Just spent two days in Stowe.

Spending a day in Burlington, then thinking of skiing again if the weather is good (doesn't look like it, 30mph winds predicted in the area).

If I do go skiing, what's better? Sugarbush? Whiteface? Something else?
Wife doesn't ski, so she needs something interesting to do.
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I used to ski Sugarbush a lot when I lived up that way, and think it would be a worthwhile place to visit. In my opinion, it's one of the gems of Vermont ski areas, and they have a decent amount of blue trails you might like. If it's very windy however, the upper mountain chairs may be on wind hold. Maybe folks can recommend an alternate that is a better choice on a windy day.

30 mph winds might not be an issue at all, but intermittent gusts on top of a 30mph wind could be a problem.
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Whiteface is also very sensitive to wind; one day this season ALL of the chairs were on wind hold, even the lowest ones. The only way to get any vertical was to walk up.
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Lake Placid. Lovely town. You'll earn points with the bride.
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Low Intermediate?

I love Whiteface, and had a great time up there last weekend (except for the fog at the summit), but there is only 1 blue trail from the top of Little Whiteface, and 1 from the summit and they both merge near the summit lift. They get crowded and skied off fairly quickly. If you don't ski the blacks from the summit, or mountain run and the blacks off approach, or the glades, there isn't much point of going there. The bottom section of the mountain gets slushy fairly quickly.

OTOH, Lake Placid is a great town with a lot of artsy-craftsy shopping and restaurants. Ice skating, dog sleds out on the lake, bowling, etc. A non-skier could easily spend a couple days there.
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I was thinking Bromley. Let your wife hit up Manchester (if you dare). If you tire of Bromley in 1 day, then go hit Stratton.
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We gave up and returned to PA.
Crappy rain and sleet all all morning till 2pm in Burlington heading towards Warren. Not sure what actual conditions were.

We crossed the NY border, but there were barely any lodgings left in placid (early Easter?), and a horrible rainstorm scared me away.

I'll have to try next year. Ski season is over for me. We didn't get the last March snowstorm that PA typically gets.
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Don't write it off just yet. Some of the weather models are hinting at a big snowstorm Sunday through Tuesday for the mid-atlantic. Too early to say for sure, but this one has different indicators than the past storms that fizzled.

BTW, the Bush did get snow, but it will probably change over to mixed during the day. Several key lifts were on wind-hold as of the AM ski report.
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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post

BTW, the Bush did get snow, but it will probably change over to mixed during the day. Several key lifts were on wind-hold as of the AM ski report.
Nope, snowed all day, still snowing, wind has been a problem but the upper lifts were spinning in the afternoon. Have some icing issues but mountain opps is working hard on that. With the MM stake at 97" all the resorts in northern NE have great coverage. Tomorrow it's a crap shoot with the wind.

Tomorrow is the final event of the FIS World Telemark Championships up here. Wow, these folks can rip!

For the Bush, you have alot of great blues for skiing but if the wife has a car and get go around the valley there is enough to do. She could also take a free ride on the Mad Bus to get a look see. Lake Placid certainly has the most to offer regarding shopping and other things to do. You could also stay in Burlington, lots to do for her, you drive to Smuggs. I think Stratton/Manchester would also make a good combo for you but it's abit of a drive from Burlington.
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