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Powder Daize at Sugarbush

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Nor'Easter #2 hit northern Vermont at the end of Sunday afternoon, and by the time we arrived at Sugarbush/Lincoln Peak, the mountain had received over 30 inches of powder. They groomed virtually nothing, which made everyone very happy. The only disappointment was that the Castle Rock chair wasn't running (it's open today).

My powder jinx has been ended.

Top of Super Bravo Chair

Me on Ripcord Just After the Rope Dropped

Untracked Lower Paradise

Juliet going toward the Sleeper Woods
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Wow! Looks like an awesome day. How were the lift lines at Sugarbush? Stowe was a madhouse for the first two or three runs but then the lines dwindled to pretty much nothing.
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Zero lift lines... skied right to the chair on every run.
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Lucky You, that's awesome.
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