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BC/Whistler in June?

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Have a Plane ticket my son needs to use soon and he really wants to go skiing. Unfortunately between both our schedules it looks like the second week in June is the earliest we'll be able to get away. I know the Blackcomb glacier will be open but how much terrain do they have? Will we be bored after the first day? Any other ski options you know of would be appreciated.
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Unless you're enrolled in a camp, the Blackcomb Glacier is not worth the trip. Depending on how you ski, a better option would be Mt. Hood. They have lots more terrain open than Blackcomb at that time of year. You'll miss the rest of Blackcomb being open by one week! Ouch.

The problem with Hood is that there is not a lot of variety, but if you're skiing in June, then you have to take what you can get.
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Thanks, I saw their closing dates on their website and was afraid of that. I think we'll be booking last minute, thinking maybe Snowbird will be offering some terrain too.
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