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I appreciate all the suggestions you guys have made. Perhaps I was looking at this from the wrong perspective.

I currently have a pair of Stockli Stormrider XL's that I love. I live and ski in the east coast but, as I've already stated, am looking to venture west and try some powder skiing. I agree with the suggestion that I may not be looking for a powder ski per se, but rather a fat ski that can perform well in powder and also bomb through cream cheese as well. There are many days in the east that I ski some heavy crap so I'm thinking that I should get skiis that serve this purpose as well as good powder performance.

With that said, I welcome more comments and suggestions.
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Do you ski off-road in the east or do you stick to the trails?

If you ski eastern tress... well if you ski northern NE trees (theres a big difference between Jay Peak/ Sugarbush/ MRG and Pennsylvania) Then you will want something with a lot of float and the ability to smear turns. If you stick to trails then a bomber ski that is stable in crud will probably be best.

I really like the Scott P4 for skiing eastern trees... and wouldn't mind skiing it anywhere. You should only consider the 191cm, they ski short. Great all around fat ski.

The DPS Lotus 120 is the best tree ski ever made, it allows you to do some pretty amazing things but it is not even close to 'versatile'.

The Head Mojo 105 is a ripping ski that gets overlooked a lot, you could probably ski either the 191cm or the 181cm. Head also has a Monster 102sw coming out next season that would be a good choice also.

Another ski that is REALLY fun in the woods is the Liberty Helix 187cm.

... or you could pony up and buy a Kastle MX98 if you like 'traditional' skis, it rips.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
If you stick to trails then a bomber ski that is stable in crud will probably be best.
I do pretty much stick to trail, but not on purpose. I ski Hunter Mountain a lot and there really isn't any offf piste to speak of.

What would you recommend as a good ski for heavy crud?
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Blizzard Titan Argos and Head iM88 are two of my favorites. The Head Mojo 105 is pretty bomber also.
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What about those watea 94's?
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I now have a couple of days on my new 186 cm Watea 94s and I can tell you that they would definitely be too soft for a guy your size. They are a good ski, but even with just my 215 lbs I can push them past their limits without trying very hard. You need something with more dampening and muscle like a Stockli.
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Mudfoot, for an east coast crud & cream cheese blaster. Would you suggest the Stockli DP's or the Scott Schmidt?
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Originally Posted by johnnysdg View Post
Like I said, I'm not a powder guy. Just trying to learn. I was under the impression that the DP's and the Watea 94's were both powder skis.

This is why it pisses me off when teachers tell students not to be afraid to ask questions......people do try to make a dick out of you.

Perhaps they are apples to oranges, black vs. white, etc. But you could have given a helpful answer instead of merely an obnoxious comment.

Excuse me if 'm not as great as you......
DP - very stiff big mountain ski - it likes to be skied fast and rewards aggressive high energy skiing. I am 6'2" and 205 lbs and skiing the 193cm for three seasons now.

I love this ski but I am looking for a fatter softer ski in order to really enjoy slower speeds in deeper powder.

This ski will do everything and never let you down but it is quite a bit of work (31.5 metre turn radius) when skiing slowly (ie when one does't know a mountain very well) and there are other skis out there that will give you a softer ski, better float and generally be a bit more fun at more human speeds.

Fishers - generally a lighter softer ski and completely different from a DP. Never skied them but met lots of people who are happy with the way they ski.

I would tend to agree with the comments that there are easier skis to ski in the 185cm - 195cm range but there is a big difference between a very stiff 95mm underfoot (big mountain) and a soft 105+ underfoot which is easier to ski in pure powder (deep).
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Originally Posted by johnnysdg View Post
Mudfoot, for an east coast crud & cream cheese blaster. Would you suggest the Stockli DP's or the Scott Schmidt?
Haven't skied either of those skis, but I have owned and been on a few Stoklis. Because of my size (6'5", 215) I am familiar with your ski selection problem, but can only guess at what another 60 or so lbs. would do to the equation. IMO the bottom line is the decision you have to make between sweet powder performance, and everything else. If you get a big beefy ski that will handle hardpack and crud well it will be kind of planky in the soft stuff. You've got the weight to bend the ski and reverse the camber, but soft snow doesn't have enough resistence to support your tips and tails for this to happen with a stiff ski, unless you are going at supersonic speed, so you end up trying to ski soft snow with an unbending plank, which means you are in the backseat swizzling to make it turn quick at slow speeds. I know, I've been there.

Obviously, the best thing would be to demo, but they often don't have the big sizes mounted for demo and you don't have the deep snow conditions all that often, so this is an elusive option. I think your choices basicly come down to a very wide powder specific ski and realize that is will not work for much else, or the more versitile choice of something like the DP or Schmidt, which are heavy duty "big moutain" boards that will have enough muscle to blast crud, cream cheese, and anything else that gets in your way, but may be sluggish in the soft powder unless you are gunning it a little. If it's any consolation, I think a powder ski for tight eastern trees for a big guiy is one of the hardest things to pick. If you get something with a nice flex that turns easily in the powder you will unfortunately overpower it as soon as you hit anything else. Hope that helps.
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