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Comments on Santa Cruz Blur LT "classic"?

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One of my friends who is a guide at Copper runs a bike shop in Idaho Springs. With the new design of the Blur LT, Santa Cruz is putting a deal together for the classic LT with the R kit. Since I am really out of it when it comes to bikes (my last bike I bought in 1989!), I'd like to hear your thoughts on this one.

(Picture removed since they replaced the old bike with the new one with the same name!)

Any thoughts?
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It's a nice bike. One of the best rear suspensions in the business, and the oe in the piucture is speced nicely. I test rode it last year and can't say that I really loved it though. It's great going down the trail, but not so much going up. I didn't feel like I could have doe a long ride on it. Of course, YMMV. I have ridden the Intense 5.5 which is probably it's closest competitor and liked it mush more. It had a more versatile geometry (at least for me).

Ride one. You may just like it.
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I think epic makes a point worth considering. People do love the Blur LT, but what kind of riding will you be doing the most? It is a 5+" travel bike, so it's not really an XC bike. If efficiency is important, there may be other bikes worth considering (even in the Santa Cruz line -- the Blur XC or Superlight).

With that said, I have never ridden the LT. I know my local shop, where I think a lot of the employees' opinions and personal choices, it is a fairly popular rig.
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Thanks for the insights, guys. I don't really know what I like... or even what kind of riding I'll be doing. More like I'm picking up a bike that will goad me into riding all summer... My old bike I bought in 1989... :

I guess I'll see how it goes, and can adjust as needed. The guy who sold it to me seems to know his stuff (20+ years in Idaho Springs) and this is his bike of choice. I picked it up today and will ride it for the first time tomorrow...
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The LT is definitely more of a "sit and spin" type of climber than a hardtail or lower travel fullie, but it can be climbed. I know guys who ride 5-6" bikes as their do it all rigs out here, xc, light dh, slopestyle freeride even.

Check out a Specialized Enduro or Cannondale Prophet, they're both in the same range of bikes and may be a little less dear as well. You do pay for the Santa Cruz name on the downtube. The new Enduros are pretty sweet rides.
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I actually felt like the Blur LT climbed better standing. I hate to climb standing, so that's one more reason for me not to get it.
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You're going to have a lot of fun on that bike! I'm jealous. It looks sweeet!
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
You're going to have a lot of fun on that bike! I'm jealous. It looks sweeet!
It's a way better bike than I deserve, I'm sure. I guess it means that I need to get out there and learn how to really ride...!

I picked up a few accessories today (clothes, pedals, shoes, etc.) and played around on it with Gabe at the park. Tomorrow I'd like to get a bit of a ride in early in the morning and then with family midday. We'll see how it goes, but the key is that I get out and burn some calories!!!
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I am not a fan of VPP bikes. We have had a ton of trouble with bushing issues, and squeaky rides. They also a feel that I am not that fond of, as they don't seem as plush as a 4-bar or get the claimed travel. Lots of people like them, though, although VPP bikes in general seem to require a bushing that is better designed for the rigors of VPP pivot travel than whatever they are using. I have yet to ride a VPP bike that didn't get squeaky in a short amount of time, especially with the volcanic dust that we ride in.

I generally like the feel of a 4-bar type suspension (both Ventana and Turner are modified so that it doesn't infringe on Specialized's patent), and I have had good luck with a few single pivots as well, and find them to be low on maintenance. I have had 3 Ventanas and 1 Turner the past few seasons, and I didn't even have to swap out bearings or bushings once. They were dead quiet, as well. My current ride (when I get healed up, that is) will be a Niner RIP9, which is a slightly different linkage, but rides somewhat similar to a 4-bar design (plush and fairly linear).
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