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Low Volume Boots?

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I have been on 02/03 Tecnica XT17's in 28 mondo for the last 3 years. Had the fine folks at GMOL build me some custom footbeds to handle my very flat feet and associated pronation and plane a 1* cant into the sole of one (right). A couple of grinds to handle minor hotspots and I'm happy as hell.

My right foot is a true 28 and my toes just touch the front of the liner when flexed. The left foot is slightly shorter measuring at a 27.0

Lately, I've noticed that both feet lift, especially in the forefoot area. In other words, there's too much volume in the front end of the boots. If I crank the buckles any more, they de-form the shells I've thought about putting some shims under the forefoot area of the liners to reduce the shell volume.

Then SierraJim goes and lists Nordica Doberman 150WC's for a great price in my size. Is the Doberman a lower volume boot than my XT's? Will the shim idea save me some money?

Oh, did I mention that I have a second pair of 03/04 XT17's that haven't been worn yet?

Looking for your insights and suggestions....thanks in advance.
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1)why not try the shim and see?

2) why not ski the new liner, in the old shell that has been worked on?

3) not sure if the doberman is lower volume then what you have
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The Doberman/XT17 comparison will give you a net zero. The XT17 is actually lower over the top of the foot into the toebox than the Dobe. The Dobe heel and achilles area is narrower than the XT17.

If you have 2 pair of XT17's and are getting a little slop, I would recommend that you put a full length neoprene tongue shim in and see what that does to shore up the overall fit. If you buy the brand new Dobe, you will be installing the same tongue shim 30 days into the boots life. If you choose to just shim the toe area, use neoprene or eva foam glued over the top of the toe area, versus adding shim material under the ball of foot. This way you will not be affecting your ramp angle, just fixing the fit issue.

If you are just looking for a new low volume boot, in my opinion the Dobe WC 150 skis way better than the XT17. Better liner & better shell geometry.

The XT17's would make great flower pots for your back deck!!
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At least he didn't reccomend stuffing panties in there!:


I went from the XT17's to a Doby Aggressor (narrower than Doby Pro) and have gone back and forth a few times. I love the Dobies but still like the XT's as they fit more comfortably and after plating the toe 3mm higher than the heels, the angles are fairly similar. Personally I would not rush to spend the money on another pair of boots just yet? With a little shimming you can make the XT's work,,, just stay away from the dark alleys and some bootfitter trying to sell you panties to snug them up.
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You guys are great. Thanks.
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