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Jackson mar 20-23?

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Hey I'll be skiing in JH march 20-23 and have a few questions. Based on current forecasts what terrain is likely to be holding onto winter snow? Is the trail map accurate enough that you can use it it tell what direction stuff faces? If the map is accurate can somebody name a run that faces due north, east, west or south? Also are the generic weather sites (accuweather, weather etc) at least decent at predicting the weather in teton village?

thanks and sorry for all the gaper questions
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The snow is good right now and it forcasted to snow more this week. The north stuff on the upper mountain is the best. These are runs like Tower 3 Chute, Paint Brush, and Hoops Gap off the Thunder lift and runs like Cheyene Bowl, Bivouac, the Alta Chutes, Ten Sleep Bowl, and the Expert Chutes off the Sublete lift. The best weather is from the Avalanche Forcast at 307 733-2664,, and Jim Woodmencys Mt Weather site. You can link to Woodys site from the avy site. Hope this helps.
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