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Moguls=Flat Ski?

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I've just been cleared to ski again after my scrape at ESA Aspen, and thus this weekend was my first chance to apply what I learned from Shanzy at ESA and begin the on the slopes learning process (rather than just thinking about it, which is what I have been doing a lot of in the last 7 weeks!).

Shanzy emphasized skiing with a flat ski rather than an edged ski when skiing moguls. What I'm wondering is how literally he meant flat? I know that he was trying to get us to stop doing the desperate "hug the mountain" edging, so I'm wondering if he was slightly overstating the degree in order to get us to give up the defensive edging? Any thoughts?

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I think that's exactly what he meant. You can achieve better speed control using a flatter ski. Using turn shape on flatter skis in the bumps is also much easier on the body. I really don't think he was saying that you shouldn't use any edge, but just lighten up on them.--------Wigs
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One of the wildest things I've ever seen on snow was a mogul skier who kept his skis flat on the snow the whole time, using virtually no edging. Before that I'd have said it was not possible. The biggest difference between mogul skiing and flat run skiing is the use of extension and absorption for speed control. Flat ski technique takes this concept to the extreme. The basic idea is to place the ski on snow surfaces that have some uphill facing component and use absorption to slow down. For faster snow conditions, I'm not sure if this approach could be called be "easy on the body". For myself, I find that this concept works best in softer snow, especially powder and when taking a line that goes from top to top as opposed to following the ruts. In snowboarding, we also have a flat board technique that works best when moving laterally through the bumps. In moguls you can use a flat ski or an edged ski, it all depends on what you want to do.
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Thanks Rusty and Wigs! Your explanations and clarifications helped me process the "whys" of the instruction. Yes, I'm one of "those" people that need to know why!
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