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Walter + Mrs. Walter, Toby and Toby’s dog , had offered to take me skiing in CA….starting out at 7:30 I had an idea it was going to be a longish day…..2+ hour drive via the best gas’n’food stop (mono lake) to Tioga Pass….ok no big deal but next up is a new one on me, a boat ride to avoid an hours walk on Saddle back Lake

An hour or so walk

to the base of North peak to ski the Kook (sp?) chutes.. Walter, Toby, Dog and I hiked whilst Mrs. Walter took pics.

The snow at the base was soft and I was getting away with just kicking steps and caring skis, thus avoiding crampons axe and skis on sack…..soon it was obvious I was cheating too much…I took to sidestepping on skis instead….when the terrain got steeper there was some easy looking rocks at the side (mistake)…I took my skis off and decided to scramble, This turned into a real nightmare, I hadn’t realized how horribly louse all the rocks would be! I probably dislodged hundreds of pounds of scree and rocks in my effort to get up..

The descent was icy sun cups getting steeper to near 50 degrees and backing off to a gentle slushy 20, a total vert. of 440 feet

The dog of course had no problems going up or down or running away with gloves when you are too tired to chase after it

Toby the dog and I did a second lap of the lower section…

video of toby and me in yellow with dog