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2 Ski Quiver...Hard to pick skis

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Although I am still new to this forum, I have found it to be a really great resource. Coupled with all of the information and reviews it makes picking skis even MORE hard I think!

I have been skiing more and more the last 2 years (previously had a 4-5year hiatus), and I am doing a lot of trips out West (BC, Alberta, Utah). I plan on keeping this up, hopefully 2 weeks/year. The rest of the time is back here in the eastern Canada.

I have really been considering getting a second set of skis, mostly for out West, so that I can take advantage of what they offer. I currently have K2 Apache Stryker, which are thin-ish at the waist (74) - my baseline/default to compare too. These are the widest skis I have every skied, and I am a little nervous about deciding what to pick as a Western ski. I think I am still looking for a fairly versatile ski, not for groomers or ice, but everything else like pow, and its less attractive form, crud, getting in the trees, open bowls etc...

As for myself, I am 6'2", 188lbs, probably a level ~8 skier, but don't really ever ski moguls, just because I'm not a big fan, or all that good at it.

After looking at the forum and ski buyer guides skis that seem to maybe fit what I'm looking for might be...

Head Monster 88 (although width, is not that much bigger).
Volkl Mantra
Volkl Gotama (worred about the width being MUCH bigger)
Fischer Watea 94
Nordica Enforcer

Perhaps this is also not the best, but I'd prefer to get a ski for next years season, but I won't have the opportunity to demo any...maybe hard to pick a ski on the computer screen alone.

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Go wide, you won't regret it. Gotama, Watea 100, PM Gear Bro 183 or 188, Solomon Xwing Sandstorm, K2 Coomba would all be good ones to look at. If it's at all soft (2" +) you'll love the extra width after you get used to it, if it's hard pack just get out your Apache's. There's no point in just going up 10mm in width in a two ski quiver.
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The Watea 94 in a 186cm size is a great all-mountain ski for visitors to Utah.

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I am assuming most of these skis are good for the steeps too? (Maybe that is a silly question).

EDIT: Also traced out my K2's vs the dimensions of the Volkl gotama's...I think I could get used to the difference...but would bump up in size to a 183cm which I could get used to (from my 170's)
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The 183cm Gotama skis very short. I'm 6', 160lbs and found them really easy to ski, however, I thought at that length they lacked a little stability when going fast. At your size and weight, the 190cm might be a better choice. For me, the 190cm was manageable, but wasn't as nimble as I would like. I did get much better float in the powder with the 190 though. Both sizes worked well on hardpack, bumps, powder - 105mm really isn't too wide for a everyday ski out west. I also recently demoed the 186cm Watea 94 and the 184cm Mantra. The Watea is a really fun and playful ski - super smooth ride over crud. I didn't like the Watea in the bumps, but the skis were brand new and think they may have benefited from a little tip detune. The Mantra is also a nice ski - pretty stable, but I think the Watea would be a bit better in powder because they have a softer/longer tip. All that being said, I just bought some 186cm Legend Pros from SAC, but have yet to ski them.
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Don't be worried at all about the width of the Gotama. They really do ski short, although if you are wanting to take them into tight trees, the 183 will be much better there. However, at your height and weight, I would suggest the 190. The Gotamas are pretty much a go anywhere, do anything ski. I love mine, although I have only had mine in shin-deep powder. They are turny - not a bad thing, but if you are wanting to straightline a long, open bowl, the Legend Pro Rider or XXL fits that bill more. However, for a versatile, multipurpose western ski, the Gotama is a great choice.
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what is the running length of a 183 vs 190? (skiable undersurface)?

I can't seem to find that info

I really like skiing the trees...that is what made me think 183. The 190's might be hard to muscle around

But on the same hand I don't want to have too short a ski
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