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Taos 18/19

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Me and Garrett will be shralping at Taos for the final day of Skiing Only and the first day of "Open Slopes."

find us if you wish.
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I know Simon is rocking the beach half a world away, any other New Mexicans skipping work/school to be there?
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Wish I could..getting ready to go to T-ride..
You taking dookey up the ridge Garrett, or are ya gonna take it easy on him?..
Dookey, hang on, this dude can rip..Just warning...You guys have fun...TR, and Pics are necessary.
Dookey, you ever been to Taos before? If not I know you will have a blast with this crazy dude.
What ya gonna rock Garrett..The Blizzez, or the blowers? Looks like they got a little bit this week..


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we skied.
it was awesome.
Taos is a dead town (everything shuts down @ 9pm)

the whole snowboarding thing was sorta anti-climactic...just a bunch of kids in loud clothing.
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Come on dookey..you can do better than that...
Where'd ya'll hang out?
Did you hike? If so, where?
How was the snow?
Any close encounters with the boarders?
Did ya hear about anything exciting happening?
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