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Congrats to Daysailer1

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I don't know the specifics but I congrats are due to Daysailer1 who kicked butt up here at the NASTAR over the weekend. Daysailer1 if you're there, please post your results you did us proud....
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Thanks Finndog.

I do congratulate my fellow competitors and Mrs. rcahill who came in 2nd place in the Race of Champions. We raced in the Women's non-alpine division of the Race of Champions. This was the race of the 1st place division winners from each age division against each other. They took our handicaps from Fri and Sat's results and used that as the age handicap for yesterday. It was a much steeper course than what we raced on for our age division championships on Fri and Sat..

The official results can be found at:


I did earn more points for team Epicski. rcahill took pictures of us up on the podium shortly before I got bumped off.
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Way to represent epicski and Winter Park
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