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Not all kiwis are crazy, just some ..............

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As we are all lovers of the cold stuff here, I thought you might find this news article amusing - a naked photo shoot in the Antarctica....... brrrrr. I saw some of the photos in a local newspaper, one guy lay down on a block of ice - on his front!
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I don't care what equipment the one guy had. There's no way he needed a beer can to cover anything up.

A shot glass maybe.....
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Off such a sensitive topic.
I see you are from Dundedin. We, that is the family and I, will be passing through Dunedin in a few weeks as we placate the non skiing member with a bit sight seeing before heading up to Queenstown and Wanaka.
Can you suggest any must see sights or things to do in and around Dunedin?
More importantly is it going snow some more? It is staring to look a bit thin!

Just looked at the picture. Not all Kiwis are crazy, .... but it helps.
They do a similar type of thing at Weipa in North Queensland, Australia. Then it is after midnight and 30 degrees C. Most of them are ex pat Kiwis to I believe.
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There is a lot to do in Dunedin, depends what your are into.

If you enjoy a bit of wildlife, there is a 'wild' Albatross colony at the harbour entrance where you can go see these beautiful enormous birds, nesting, and if the weather is right, flying. These guys can have 7 foot wing spans. Is a scenic 45 minute drive from the city to the colony. There are also seals, and a penguin colony. Worth calling in at the Information centre in the Octagon (centre of the city) to get an idea if they are flying and what you will see - they need strng winds to get off the ground they are so big. Another option is a harbour cruise, but you don't get to see the birds up close up, but I believe there are packages for a cruise down the harbour with a land component.

If you like architecture, Dunedin has some lovely old buildings (old in New Zealand is only 100 years - we are a young country). They describer Dunedin as the 'Edinburgh' of the south, as it was established by Scottish immigrants.

There is the quirky, such as walking up and down the official 'steepest street in the world'.

We have two falls of snow in the city over the last month. Last week we had 3 inches on our lawn, hubby got the skis out and got in a couple of turns on our back lawn. The city was pretty much paralysed for two days with snow and back ice - we loved it! Treble Cone missed out on the last dump, but most are looking good for this time of year.

Check out this link

Follow the links thourgh to the visitors guide, and the must see and must do sections. Has some photos of my beautiful city - I think it is the prettiest in NZ but I'm biased. We only have about 110,000 people, I live on the rural edge of the city, and only takes me 8 minutes to get to my office. My office is in a building positoned in the harbour basin on the water, we have a walk bridge across to it. I look right down the harbour from my office, and occasionally have seals frolicking below my office window - I could not imagine working or living anywhere else. Stree free heaven, just a shame the nearest skifield is just over 3 hours away.
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Looks good, and there appears lots to do. The children will like the Albatrosses and penquins. We have a particular penquin lover in the family. Really enjoyed the Antartic Centre at Christchurch Airport last time. Quirky streets and architecture appeal to my wife. So we should be in business.
We are hoping to ski Treble Cone (the teenage boy likes the black bowls) but will probably spend most of our time (snow permitting) at Coronet Peak and Cardrona as we try and get the 3 year old up and moving and my wife up.
Cairns is about the same size as Dunedin but considerably further from the snow than 3 hours. That we should be so lucky!
Thanks for the information about your City. I am sure we will have a great time.
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Cardrona is excellent for beginners to intermediates. Just need to watch the wind there, can get bitterly cold for the little ones on the chairlifts if there is any wind. If they say there is a slight breeze, wrap up warmly.

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