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WARNING - Val Gardena Super G Results

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Ski Racing's report on the race can be seen here.

Points, it's all about points!

Too bad Bryon Friedman didn't race as well as he has practiced in the DH all week, maybe tomorrow's DH will be his day in the sun.

Men's super G
Val Gardena, Italy

1. Lasse Kjus (Norway) 1:36.94
2. Stephan Eberharter (Austria) 1:37.04
3. Hermann Maier (Austria) 1:37.42
4= Hans Knauss (Austria) 1:37.78
4= Daron Rahlves (U.S.) 1:37.78
6. Aksel Lund Svindal (Norway) 1:37.80
7. Didier Cuche (Switzerland) 1:37.81
8. Benjamin Raich (Austria) 1:37.85
9. Christoph Gruber (Austria) 1:37.90
10. Michael Walchhofer (Austria) 1:37.94
11. Bruno Kernen (Switzerland) 1:38.04
12. Bjarne Solbakken (Norway) 1:38.34
13. Andreas Schifferer (Austria) 1:38.43
14. Patrik Jaerbyn (Sweden) 1:38.46
15. Ambrosi Hoffmann (Switzerand) 1:38.49
16. Marco Buechel (Liechtenstein) 1:38.55
17. Bode Miller (U.S.) 1:38.73
18. Fritz Strobl (Austria) 1:38.80
19. Pierre-Emmanuel Dalcin (France) 1:38.84
20. Alessandro Fattori (Italy) 1:38.87
21= Norbert Holzknecht (Austria) 1:39.02
21= Tobias Gruenenfelder (Switzerland) 1:39.02
23. Peter Fill (Italy) 1:39.10
24. Bryon Friedman (U.S.) 1:39.11
25. Paul Accola (Switzerland) 1:39.22
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Go big D. I hope he podiums in the DH... hell, I hope he takes it all home. I also hope Bode can start stringing together some top 10 finishes in speed events.
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Bryon Friedman came from bib 62 to get this result. That is very very strong, especially in Europe. Considering how tough SG really is with the high speeds and no training runs it is really evident how much experience really counts. So Bryan will get his turn, but in SG at the WC level it really does take time. Tomorrow should be exciting, hope he can break into the top 15. I think that would be a great result.
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Apparently I chose my words poorly, I'm certainly not trying to take anything away from young Mr. Friedman. I think he is skiing extremely well and only hope his star continues to rise. I think scoring points, as Bryon did today, is fabulous on either side of the pond; but, I agree, it always seems tougher when you're the visiting team.

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[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] for the USA team especially Daron Rahlves, Bode Miller and Bryon Friedman atVal Gardena.It good to see Lasse Kjus skiing well also.
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What's up with Bode? I saw the race live on eurosport, and he looked really out of it. He was over 1.6 seconds off the pace on the first split time and lost more time on every split. And the frenchman who won raced after him so he was really worse than 1.6 off pace. He looked like he did't even try.
Good job for Daron, he shoukd have been second, but he lost his balance on one of the lower gates. Bad luck, but great skiing.
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Sorry [img]redface.gif[/img] , i was talking about the DH.
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Reread your post, I see your point and I should have phrased my response differently. The point I was trying to make was that downhill training runs are one thing, downhill race is another and SG is yet a third. Having seen todays race I felt that the expectations on Friedman was very high and in my opinion, he responded well. Not sure if Porino or Fleisher (SP) agree but as you know, it is hard for most people to understand what an accomplishment it is to come in top 20 at a World Cup race. Keep the results coming!
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Bode's back on track. 3rd at Alta Badia Can't remember the name of the US racer in 11th [img]redface.gif[/img]
Check out the Alfa Romeo logo on the new RED Italian team suits.
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