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Rockered Skis

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:I just had a quick question on what a rockered ski is. Next year Salomon is coming out with a line of rockered skis. I like the new one called The Lord and i guess its rockered so i was just wondering what that meant.
Thanks guys.
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a true rockered ski is shaped more like a water ski. instead of camber, where if you lay the ski on the ground, the tip and tail touch, but not the middle, in rocker, the tip and tail are flared up while the middle is touching.

i believe the lord has minimal rocker in the forebody, basically an early rise in the tip, but not in the tail. this is becoming a popular idea, as it keeps the tips up in soft snow. most of the salomons don't have rocker in the tail or mid body, so are modifications of the rockered ski idea.

quick answer, but hope it helps.
the tgr website has quite a few good debates on the different variations of rocker, so if you want an education, you might search there.

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Great thank you Hoilday,
The lord does have minimal rocker so i can now see how that helps with float. It is very slight however do you think it would damage its ability to carve on groomers? Thanks for the website that was helpful too.
Thanks again
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Rockers carve on groomers where the snow is soft enough for the ski to penetrate a bit. If you're skiing on Eastern or Midwestern groomed hardpack where glacial-like ice is just an inch below the scratched up surface, the ends of a rocker will be flapping in the breeze.
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Yeah i usually ski at bougus basin in boise. We usually dont have ice except for end of season.
Thanks for your help guys
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