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Salomon Equipe GC vs Rossignol R9x ti Oversize

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Me: 21 yrs old, 6'1'' and 200 pounds, I'd say level 8 on-piste, I consider myself more of a weekend warrior than anything else, but still miss some university days to go out skiing. I like to go fast but still don't like that much mach shnell. My everyday and only ski is a '05 Equipe 3V Race. Boots are 08 Salomon Impact 10.

Conditions: It rained a lot last weekend in the eastern townships in Canada so let's say they didn't had a deal on snow. But they had one great on hard ice. It was icy, but warm (30-35) so it was still fun on those skis.

First one up on line, the solly Equipe GC Race. Definitely too short for me at 170 but it was the only one they had. It had a short radius (about 15 meters if i'm correct) but still a fun ride to go. Turn initiation felt horrible on those, they didn't want to start turning but once I managed to get them into the turn, they felt rock solid and they were pretty much. Their short radius helped greatly not to reach supersonic speeds but they were still quick skis. But again, getting from turn to turn felt difficult and required lots of energy. They were not only hard to switch side, but also slow. Still, I enjoyed the ride.

Next up, the rossi R9x ti oversize. I think they had a radius on 18 meters, again a little short (174), but not that terrible (wouldn't buy them so short). They were kind of the opposite of the sollys, they were real easy and quick to get on edge but once on it, they didn't felt really solid and stable. But after a couple of runs, I found out that it might just be a feeling since they carved when I needed them. It's a little sad they felt frisky because they don't inspire you confidence to go any faster. I also found out that it was more forgiving than the solly, (which to me isn't that good because I like to know when I make a mistake) but still powerful skis. I had to do a couple moguls on them, and to my surprise they were amazing (not too wide, just the right stiffness, it did everything it needed to do (I'd make my mogul skis out of them if I was richer)). And for you guys who have the guts to go supersonic, they love it.

Overall, both were good skis. Although Salomon willl always be #1 in my heart, I have to say the rossi won on this one. Probably the match would have been more fair if I could had got my hand on some 3V's insted of the GC's. Due to it's shorter radius, the GC would make an awesome NASTAR ski.:

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The Rossignol 9X Oversize is great all around ski, one of the best when skiing fast in varied terrain. They do ski a little short, I went with the 181cm.
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Sorry, I meant the Solly 2V instead of the 3V at the end.
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Concur about the feel that 9X's have. Also the 9S's. You learn to trust that slightly loose feeling in the arc on hardpack, though, because they won't actually let go on you. And everything else about the ski is so versatile and easy that I can live with "frisky" when pushing.
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I also can deal with a little friskyness but but on a icy double-diamond friskyness is not my friend though.
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