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Stowe gets buried!!

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The first big storm of the season caused chaos on the roads, and excitement/confusion/frustration among the skiers and riders waiting to start our season.

Excitement because, well, it was SNOWING!! Big time snow-over 2 feet of cold, dry powder

Confusion because Stowe had scheduled opening on the 15th..today.. and then changed the website to show opening day as "this month".

Frustration 'cos they decided not to open on the 15th, our skis were waxed, our passes ready, but no lifts running!
Some brave, resourceful people hiked up, but to even walk a short distance in the howling wind and deep drifts was challenging.
Ah well, next weekend will have to do.

Thanksgiving looks good, although there is some rain predicted next week, but, forecasters have been wrong and it might be more snow.
It is difficult to predict how many trails will be open by Thanksgiving..my feeling is that only the quad will be running, and only Liftline of the front 4 will be skiable, but that most of the other trails off the quad will be open.
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I posted about the Snow at Stowe here yesterday. Isn't it great! The snow that is, not all of the other damage the wind caused. There should be some pretty good conditions there for the ETU as long as we don't get a major warm-up in the next few weeks.

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It's amazing how varied the conditions were around the state - Stowe basically getting hit with the most snow, with substantially colder temps, both peak and base. Someone in Burlington would definitely have experienced the high winds - but no snow.

With winds clocked at 70 mph on top of Mount Mansfield, running the lifts would have been unwise, as would skiing.

Considering continuned snow making and colder mountain temps, Stowe will be well dressed for the Eastern Tune-Up. Opening day is November 22nd, and in the evening that day, we'll have Warren Miller's "Journey" to continue the entertainment!

EDIT: P.S. Skierteach was right - the winds wreaked havock with electric lines. Many of us were occupied yesterday and last evening (and shifts continue today) answering phones taking outage reports from frustrated electric customers. Electric service will be restored to many but not all all customers on our system today, and we'll see about tomorrow.

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Tue. Windy, 51 degrees

Wed. Rain/wind, 59 degrees.

Not encouraging, it'd be nice if they had a limited opening now so folks could enjoy the goods before they get boogered up.
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Both peak and base mountain temps tend to be colder than the usual. Also, considering that a lot of made snow is being added to the natural, conditions on opening day - Nov 22nd - will be peachy.
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Sounds great! Thanks for arranging for good snow for the Eastern Tune-Up, guys.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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