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Rossi Sensor 3 Boots

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For 2009, Rossi will offer a new shell for some of their boots. It is called Sensor 3. Has anyone skied these boots or have any info on them regarding their performance?

Thank you.
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Yes, I have skied it.

The boot rips. It was targeted to go up against the Speedmachine and Falcon in terms of fit and performance target. It will be very competitive with those successful models. 100mm forefoot in a 26.5.

It fits very well out of the box. There are some really trick features in the construction of the liner. They used milled EVA foam to form the heel and ankle pockets ( similar to what Salomon is using in the Falcon/Scarlet. )
The tongue has been opened up over the instep bump, and the way that they have layered the elements of the liner make it very smooth and seamless in the forefoot and toe box.

It is only available in 110 and 100 flex versions in both a Zenith and Bandit cosmetic. So it feels a little soft in forward flex, however like the Falcon has plenty of horsepower when rolled up on edge.
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How does it ski and fit compared to the stock Icon Alu/Alu Comp or Diablo Race Pro? The (modified) Icon is my boot and i had the chance to ski the Race Pro.
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never mind - i have bought a new pair of boots.
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What did you end up going with?
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I got a new pair of XT17s. It is the best boot i have skied. The Race Pro has some disadvantages for some people.
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