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I agree with Jer

It just depends on your own scene. I dont read any of them anymore. I find the web more useful.
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what's the longest running ski magazine?
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Here it is;

I didn't know Skiing was on the down, thought it was doing good, specially liked there Fitness Guru (Jason Daley), I thought I was the only one that worked-out that way.
What's next, hire ENRON for accounting?
I hope the changes are a success.
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I don't read them much anymore. In general I like Powder and Coulier. I don't like Ski and Skiing as much. I get Ski sent to me for no obvious reason and sometimes find an interesting article or tip. I was reading Fallline in the locker room the other day and it seemed pretty good. Some funny ads in that one.
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Originally Posted by doogiedoc View Post
I prefer Powder. I think Ski and Skiing cater to a different sort of skier than me (and I mean that in the least snobby way possible...).

SKI and SKIING cater to gapers (and I mean that in the most snobby way possible....).

POWDER is pretty good, as is SKI CANADA.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
Personally I like POWDER and The Ski Journal.
Those and Skiracing. I get sent Ski and I keep meaning to call them up and telling them to stop.
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Originally Posted by NE1 View Post

The regular ski mags seem to have less and less to do with what interests me: equipment, tuning, technique tips, etc., and too much about "yuppie condos, cars, and eateries" for my taste.
For better or worse, that is who is driving the ski industry these days, and whom resorts are catering to. Average skiers are getting priced out and finding other hobbies, and in 20 years, who will be left? It is a sad story. The "romantic ski image" that baby boomers grew up with is rapidly fading amongst younger people, and when the yuppie/baby boomer money train dries up in 20-30 years, many ski areas will be up a creek, realize that th didn't do their best to cultivate new clients with affordable programs, and be out of business. People my age are finding other things to do and don't ski/ride that much, whereas most of the regulars I ski with are on the other side or 40. The ski industry will be ripe for a big shake-out in the next 20-30 years, IMO.
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Powder gets me the most excited. Skiing gets a luke warm response. Ski just depresses me with the high priced real estate ads and glamour pieces on east coast hard pack.
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Powder was always several cuts above, but since they were bought out a few years ago the pictures are way bigger than the articles. They manage to take a world class subject and reduce it to two short parargraphs. I get the impression that they take all the equipment they get for reviews and go skiing rather than try to turn out something with real substance. For 20 years they had the best equipment issue in the business, now it's just like Ski and Skiing. I like Off Piste Magazine.
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Originally Posted by SkiRacer55 View Post
...Ski Racing...
I agree!! I wish my daughter was still racing so it was still coming to the house. I need to get myself a subscription, I guess. I'd forgotten over the summer that I wouldn't have that to look forward to this season.
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Just found this. Thanks for the up to Fall Line, BigMC. I know forums generally work on a response within a few minutes, but here in Peterborough we like to wait for about two years. It allows us time to digest the info...
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