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How's Mount Snow?

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I'm planning on going to Mount Snow on Friday for the long weekend, but I don't think the conditions will be that good...

How are the (real) conditions now?
And yes, I check the snow and weather report every day.
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I skied Mt Snow yesterday, 3/16. Conditions were fantastic. They had received 4-6" Friday into Saturday, or so a fellow chair-rider told me. They were 100% open yesterday, even the woods. As the day went on yesterday, the snow got a bit sticky on the lower mountain, but not terribly bad. I hear they may get another storm Thursday. Enjoy.
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Judging by Okemo this weekend, I'd said you'll have a good weekend. Even thought it may rain Wed, last weeks rain didn't seem to effect the amount of snow pack. IMO the base is so frozen, it's going to take lots of warm sun shine to melt it away. Okemo had 0 bare spots, even the trees were in good shape.
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I skied Mt Snow on Friday the 14th and every trail was open except for Ripcord. Even the natural snow trails had edge to edge coverage. I think I saw one ice patch on Hop (a natural snow trail) where there is a spring under the trail. Go have fun!
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I was at Stratton yesterday and the conditions were excellent. They had 4-6" of fresh powder on Saturday. It was getting a little slushy at the base towards the end of the day, but everything was open. The snow in the glades was lovely.
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