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Personal milepost

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This weekend I passed my 3000th post. This is not significant in of itself but it provides a moment of summation.

I skied often as a High School student living in New Hampshire. Most of this my skiing during my teen years was spent training and racing. Then I stopped skiing to start a career & raise a family. During the last 5 years, I've rediscovered the joy of skiing again.

Epic has contributed to that discovery. The revolution in gear consumed most of my attention. First Shaped skis, then short shaped skis, then wide skis. I've always been a gear geek of all kinds and understanding the huge variety of gear available became a mission of sorts. The great quality and variety of reviews available here provided a foundation for my own analysis of whats available and how it can contribute to better skiing. My first job at age 16 was suggesting and selling bicycles, and I still enjoy learning about gear and making rational recommendations.

I also try to post a few Trip Reports and wish that this section was stronger. Travel to ski destinations is the main reason I ski, and learning about new locations has great potential at Epic.

I've only attended one clinic and have not taken any lessons since High School. The days of "I don't think when I ski" should be replaced with some of the concepts and advice available here. Developing my technique is the next skiing frontier for me.

My thanks to all the great members here at Epic.


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Nice to have skied with you at Kirkwood last week Michael. Hope to see you out this way again soon. As far as 3000 posts go...well, you have a ways to go to catch up to Trekchick who joined about the same time. :
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Michael, I'm always glad to read your posts.
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