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PSIA-E Exam Soon

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What do you think of this skiing?
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Hi Crotched Skier!

Looks like nice bumb skiing to me. Very under control and nice rythm. I do notice that you look to have a little bit of an A-frame in your skiing. Are there any foot issues or have you had any custom bootfitting?
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I think its fine bump skiing but at the exam I think they are going to want to see some more roundness and turn shape up high for sure. This will come if your alittle more willing to move your COM down the falllline.

Also on more personal note, ski like you have should be out there enjoying and ripping not stiff and static.
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Thanks Guys and Gals. I know what you mean about the subtle A frame in the video. I do have custom foot beds by Foot Dynamics. I don't think i will do any boot adjustments at this time. The exam is too close. I am limited a bit with the dynamics. I am 52. I have skied 80 + days this season but I also eat ski area food and have some lower back issues. I did a level 3 exam clinic and the examiner informed me that i would do very well at the Exam. I skied with a senior eastern examiner on the day of that bump video and he informed me all of my bump runs were level 3 pass. All those positive comments scare me! I am just going to go and enjoy the skiing at the Loaf. Thanks again. Ross
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That's a great attitude to have Ross! I was really getting freaked out as my exam got closer, then I decided, that even if I didn't pass, I would take something away from the experience. I looked at it like I was getting a great 3 day group lesson with some of the best ski instructors around!

I got a bonus when not only did I pass after having 3 great days with some great examiners who I learned a lot from, but I also made several new friends!

So, try to have fun with it, and please let us know how it goes!

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A frame comment

Thanks Snowmeiser. I was just commenting last night at the bar how it's great to feel so much more comfortable on my skis than I do in my regular shoes. Just a general feeling. I don't think I would feel great trying to walk around the cafeteria or up the stairs with my skis on. I was thinking about the A frame. Before I started teaching I use to always ski in a constant A frame. 4 years ago. It's much better now. But you got me thinking about it. Just how bad or not bad it may be? Or can it appear in some turns and not others? And why? Look at these photos of Bob Barnes. I don't know him but I believe he is a great skier from what I read and see. Scroll down till you get to his skiing sequence. I see a very distinctive A frame. In some turns. Isn't that interesting? Thanks again. Ross
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I would venture to say your "A-framing" (we're talking about the lower leg stance, right?) might just be your natural physical stance.
Some people (horseriders, soccer players) how a more bowlegged frame, others have what we call in Dutch more of a X-legs thing going on.
Do your knees stay pretty close in longer, bigger radius turns too?
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Originally Posted by Schussboelie View Post
I would venture to say your "A-framing" (we're talking about the lower leg stance, right?) might just be your natural physical stance.
Maybe try a narrower stance (feet closer together). That's the first thing that I noticed. bwpa is also on to something with regards the need for more rounded turns. I see you cluncking into the next bump which hurts your ability to ski the 'line'.

One more thing that helps me when skiing bumps is to stand up with really good posture and lead with the chest. That firmness will transfer right down your body to the skis. Try it, it might help. Before you make your first turn, go to that position as a 'set'.

Very fine skiing, good luck!

Oh, and btw, I am not qualified to do MA. I do ski the bumps, slow line fast, most of the time.
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Crotched skier,

Good luck, the bump skiing looks like a pass to me. Bumps are only 10 to 15 % of the exam. Hopefully the issues I see in the bumps don't come out in the other sking tasks.

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Good bump skiing. I think you'll do fine.

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That's not level 3 skiing unless they've changed what passes. Hopefully you'll be coming from a ski school where you have some examiners on staff and the back scratching will be full effect.
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left v right

to my eye, you finish the turn to the left more,

for bumps, i'd like to see more upper / lower body separation.
the turns that have more finish, which is helping your speed
control, also has your shoulders in line with the skis, not down
the fall line.

also, the relase/new turn seems to have a pronounced "up" which
may not be in favor with PSIA currently

good luck
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