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Which season passes you(Chicagoan) gonna buy ?

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Just bought Cascade Mnt. pass, the price is irresistible and I guess I would be there more than 10 days. Thinking to buy another one from Wilmot which is very doable for me, I usually jump out office at 5, be there around 6.30 and have at least 3 hours skiing. So, on weekends I'll go to Cascade, on weekdays I'll be at Wilmot, what a plan !!. However, I think Wilmot pass is pretty pricey, considering of what they have, they not even give a public WiFi in the lodge, what a big deal of setting ones up , so I'm still thinking...real hard..

Which ones you gonna pick for the next season and why ?:
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Wow! I never expected someone who lives in Chicago to have one, say nothing about two season passes! Also, I never considered the WiFi in the lodge thing... aren't you going skiing?
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I just renewed my pass for Cascade again. This will be my fourth year with a pass. I'm three hours and 200 miles from Cascade and two hours and 110 miles from Alpine VAlley. My daughter again this year will ski for free. That gives the advantage to Cascade. I'll lose that option next year!

If I lived as close to either Alpine or Wilmot I would most likely have one at Alpine. I'd love to be able to ski after work.
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I'm thinking a 20 day for JH
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I am currently on my 28th Aspen Premier Pass. Luckily, I don't have to pay for next years until September.
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Well, wireless connection is important to me because I usually tell my boss that I'll work at home today, but I actually work at those lodges to be specific : and sneak out to ski when it seems like nobody needs me at some points.

Last week, I visited Alpine Valley and tried to hook up my computer. It occurred to me that their internet configuration is so funny. They disabled everything except HTTP and VPN, and also blocked www.wilmotmountain.com site which is their direct competitor.
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This year I had my season pass at Wilmot, and was initially planning on getting both Cascade and Wilmot's at their cheapest rates for last year, though somewhat on the fence about the Cascade part. Wilmot sells their cheapest pass rate for $319, which I think is definitely worth it. It's a nice and easy drive, I run up for night skiing a few nights a week, and several Sundays.

Cascade had some very sweet midsummer rates for their season passes (cheaper than their late season rates, perhaps due to not including free flex tickets) and I was thinking along the same lines as you. It'd pay for itself with a few weekend trips, which I'm bound to make anyway.

Despite AV being larger and having the high speed quads, I stick with Wilmot because the drive time saved adds up for short jaunts to the hill, and they really cater to night skiers. The lighting is great, and the runs (though very short) each have their own character.

I'm thinking to drop the Cascade part of the plan, as I just tore my acl and won't be getting in for surgery til late April/early May and am not sure when I'll start back up. Hopefully will still be grabbing the Wilmot pass.
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Yes, that's what I like about wilmot, short runs, most pretty steep, one shallow mogul with a break in the middle, pretty fast lifts, close at 11, very productive for trying things. The major downside is it's not as fun as DH or Cascade.

AV, DH are just inconvenient comparing with their nearby competitors.

Hope you heal quicker than expected.
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Thanks for the well wishes.

I'd say go for the Wilmot pass, cuz nothing beats the on snow time logged when you can get on the hill quickly and frequently. Let me know if you do, I'm sure we'll pass by each other a good bit.
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I just did, not even have to think because they say the season pass can be used for this season too.. I should have got it 2 weeks ago, which would save me more than 100 now, doh !
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If I lived in Chicago, I'd be eyeing the Boho/Porkies pass for $139. C'mon, it's not that far...
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