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Teton BC

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We had a great trip yesterday in the Teton Backcountry. A group of us did Mavericks in GTNP as the final day of a PSIA Backcountry Accreditation program. Conditions were good with 18" of fresh snow overnight. Stability test were fairly positive with the new snow bonding well to the existing layers. CT14-18 Q2 at about 16". A previous party had laid in a first class skin track so climbing was good and fairly easy. The snow was light and fluffy for the top 1,000'. Unfortunitly the sun came out and the bottom 1,500 or so was sun affected and a bit heavy with the last 800' or so being difficult to ski through on a 30 degree slope. We had some fun leapfrogging each other to avoid having to break trail downhill. We did some skiing and some map/compass navigation and dug 15 minute emergency shelters. I was glad I didn't have to sleep in one. I could do a much better job given 25-30 minutes.
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More pics
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Still more pics
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