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Global Warming

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Time for another post about Global Warming and skiing/boarding.

The facts are:

1.Without the establishment of a Global Warming pattern, the ice age would have never ended.

2. At some time during the ice age, we hit a bottom in terms of global mean temperatures.

3. Many thousands of years later, we are still in a Global Warming pattern, that has been SLIGHTLY accelerated due to continuing world wide industrialzation including the use of electic generating facilities and interneal combustion engines. In effect, we are recycling into the atmoshpere the hydrocarbons that were created many millions of years ago.

4. The trend of continuing global warming will continue, regardless of what we do to curtail it. That includes the possible elimination of the internal combustion engine [ due to fuel cells, ] and finding differnet ways of generating electricity. Things will still warm up , but just a little more slowly.

5. Short term, global climate conditons will change effecting winter weather patterns, including the possibility of winter becoming shorter in some regions of the world effecting the length of the ski season, and qualtiy of natural snow.

6. Human efforts will have minimal impact, but understanding what is happening and preparing for the changes that are coming is probably the best way to handle it.

7.Cleaning up the air should be looked at as a health and environmental issue, not a preventitive to slow down global warming. We can still have a healthy environment, even though mean global temepratures are continuing to rise, regardless of what additional efforts we make to stop it.
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We don't know squat about the Earths weather or what causes or even what contributes to the weather changes we see on a macro or micro level. We have been able to notice some patterns that occur after or during specific events but we cannot predict these patterns with any specificity.

The idea that we can do anything more than predict the weather for a short period of future time is preposterous.

My point? We have NO IDEA whether global warming will continue, or abate, or intensify, or become a global cooling, or become static.

Only the pols and other naive persons believe they have sufficient information to know the causes of global warming and have the correct response to save the world and all life thereon.

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I know.

Global Warming is caused by

the sun!.

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We don't know if we can do anything about it or not, but it wouldn't hurt to cut down on burning a few fossil fuels anyhow, just in case.
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I don’t think pollution is a responsible strategy for the longterm viability of humans on the earth.

That said, hundreds of years ago, "physicians" used a therapy called "cupping" to rid the body of many ailments. To "cup" a patient, you simply heat up small glass cups and press them onto the back of the victim, er, patient. The cup cools and creates a vacuum, which is supposed to remove the toxin causing the ailment. It didn’t work and provided no benefit. Frequently, “cupping” caused burns or blisters, which would become infected and ultimately cause more disease or death.

Should we continue to use "cupping" just because? NO!

Reduce pollution because it is the correct thing to do independent of global warming. But don’t make a fool of yourself by arguing that we should do something just, well, ‘cause...

Solving the pollution problem will cost REAL MONEY. It will take decades and tremendous determination. Saddling it with global warming is a fraud and makes the argument weak and without weight. It is arguments like this that erode the reputation of the environmental groups and the global warming crowd.

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The Green House effect is caused by the atmosphere!

And that is like... where we live!

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: : :

Troll hunting season is now officially open!
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My apology

I was just catching a bit of lightness on some of the other topics and got carried away.

I repent and promise to refrain.

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Whatever the cause it sucks!!!

Just learned all the snow we expected in Whistler will now be rain.
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Mark got it,
JR didn't.
Why ? Just one major volcanic eruption a year anywhere in the world nullifys many of the efforts to minimize green house gases. There is no just in case, unless of course it is to rid the world of that "ANAL ORIFICE" that now resides somewhere in Bagdad. He will, when he is invaded, cause major air pollution as he destroys the ability of Iraq to produce oil. This is similiar to what he did in Kuwait 12 years ago. If he gets his way, either through victory [highly unlikely] or by defeat, he would kick up the global warming factor by several notches.

As to the costs of making the atmosphere, land, and water safer, initially it will be expensive. Minimizing or eliminating coal based ecomomies will help. Once the changes have been made the increased costs of conversion will be more than recovered by enhanced profits due to better productivity.

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