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Atomic SX12 or Dynastar 67?

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I'm an expert level skier in Utah (6ft tall, 185lbs, 38yo). I have a pretty nice quiver of skis, from Big powder skis to several pairs of slalom skis including Dynastar Omniglass 64s in 157cm and Atomic ST11s in 170. On non-powder days, I love taking the slaloms out on everything from groomers, to double blacks, and moguls. However, I don't have anything in the 17m range. I have the chance on occasion to run gates via my son's ski team. I'm torn between the Atomic SX12 and the Dynastar 67. I've read great things about both, and love both brands. I plan on running the occasional gates, but mainly using them as all mountain skis on non-powder days (with lots of pop out of the turns). Anyone have experience with both that can comment on differences between the two skis?

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Never skied on the dynstar but I can safely say the progressor is WAY better than the SX12. edgehold, turn shape( strong start and finish easy to change it up), ease of use and versatility the progressor kicks the atomics butt.

5'11 200lb 24 years old on the 170cm I should probably be on the 175cm or 180cm you should be fine on either.

also I would still be curious to see this in TGR tech talk.
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While you're waiting for someone who has skied both, you can read this post.
I've skied the old SX11 and own the Fischer WC SC. The SX11 will hold an edge just as well as the Fischers, and is stable. The turn radius of the SX is a little bigger and the ski feels heavier, but performance is pretty much on a par with the Fischer WC SC when it comes to ice and hardpack. Bushwacker must have had a bad tune.

Edit: one thing though. The SX really doesn't like it when you try to ski sideways; it only wants to slice along its edges like it's on rails. You can pretty much do whatever you like without complaints with the Fischers.
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I have the D-stars 67s. Before I bought them I demoed the Atomic GS12s and SX11's. I found that the atomics were better suited to a race course than an all mountain ski (the conditions were 2-3 inches of fresh ungroomed powder over hard pack).

The D-stars are a great all mountain, all day ski. I've used them to run gates and free ski. I bought these skis to replace my D-star skicross10s and the 67s are a much better ski than the skicross 10s.
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