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New Skis - Monster 88?

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Hi all,
I am new to this forum. I'm sure there are a thousand posts about what skis to get...

A little bit about myself. I am 6'2" 188lb male, I would say I am an advanced skier (closer to advanced-intermediate than advanced-expert). I currently have a set of k2 Apache Stryker 167cm (118-74-103). I have mostly skied in the East before, hence the previous skis. I am now venturing out more West and have been getting into some powder and less on ice and trails. I was thinking of maybe getting a second set of skis for this purpose. I like the K2's they work well on groomed trails and ice.

Would Head monster 88's be a good addition for a more powder and off-piste ski? (possibly 175 or the 186)

Any other suggestions

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Powder and off piste are not the same thing. If you want a true powder & soft snow oriented ski that will boost your level of skiing rather than challenging you, get a Volkl Kuro (when available) or a Praxis Powder. For pure powder, the Pontoon rocks & can probably be found on spring closeouts at the moment (but it is less happy in cutup than the other two). FWIW - the Kuro does surprisingly well on packed groomers too.

Even if you want a generic off-piste ski, consider going much fatter. Like decently north of 100 fatter. The gulf between a 74 and an 88 waist just is not that big. You'll notice it, but it is not that big -- and is certainly not a game changer in powder.

The newer hybrids like the PM Gear Brocker, Salomon Czar and Rossi S7 have been getting some very positive reactions for both general off piste skiing and powder (although I am skeptical they can in any way approach the powder performance of the first 3 skis I mentioned). Likewise, the Hell Bent is a very "all around" ski that does well in everything but ice and super hardpack.

There are lots of "all around" very powder capable skis in the 100 to 115 sort of range - the icon for the group probably being the Gotama. Search will reveal discussions of many of these.

another edit: oh yeah - if conventionally shaped but very tapered skis sing to you for powder, add the Icelantic Shaman (stiff) or Prior Dough Boy (soft) to your list of things to noodle around about... the world is full of choices
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Thanks for all of that great info!

Now that I think about it a little more, and with your advice, a wider ski would perhaps be a better second ski selection. 88 vs 74 would probably start to seem pretty similar after awhile.

There is a lot more reading to be done to select a new ski for next season. I like the sound of the Volkl Gotama... they sound like they are a good well-rounded powder capable ski which can hit the powder and crud.

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