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Fast twitch fibers = longer warm up?

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Actually, the question is a little broader than that:

Do fast twitch fibers take longer to warm up than slow twitch ones and are they more specific as to activation speed?
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I want to see the answer to this question, because I have no idea what you're talking about.

Prunes VS legumes?
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In and of themselves, the "fibers" don't take longer to warm up. However, the nature of the movements needed to get at / recruit fast twitch fibers in your training may make it a good idea to more thoroughly warm up than if you were just heading out to go for a jog. Fast twitch fibers are the last to be recruited in general and require big weight and / or ballistic movements to get them involved. Obviously these movements are at higher risk for injury and thus would require a more complete and thorough preparation before the training session.

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This is a good question.

From what I know
(and I'm not a physiologist) you don't warm up fast twitch muscles the same way - in other words you don't do a little fast twitch activity before doing your speed work. Rather you do low level activity until you're comfortable and warm. Then you do your heavy lifting or plyo routines at a very high intensity. Not that there's a standard answer but most of the material I've read on this suggests something like 5-10 minutes of light calisthenics or such.

These exercises certainly have tremendous benefit but are not without risk of injury. The other thing is to concentrate on form before you get too tired. This is not about stamina or endurance it's about being quick and/or powerful while providing adequate rest periods in between sets.

The ski workout I did this year 6-8 times over the period of a month and a half (in addition to my normal gym work) certainly helped me. Not only in the power movements but also cardio capacity, balance and stability.
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I concur (sp?).
Just do a general warmup, get all your muscles warm, activated and get the blood and O2 flowing.
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Watch the guys warm up for a 100 metre sprint and you'll have it.
Powell ran a 9.74.......holy crap......fast twitch recruitment right there.
Fast twitch training requires
Low reps with high weight. 95-100% accelerations......with full recovery.
Then tempo running at 75% and below......its either all out or easy.....then the fast twitch fibres don't convert to slow twitch.
But you can only go all out for 4-5 sec and then the respiratory cycle changes.......that's where special endurance comes into play.
Depends how far you need to go.

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