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April and May skiing?!? Yay!

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I've always wanted to go skiing in April or May! I've heard you can actually do it out West. What places are open?

Does altitude make a difference at all? I'd really like to go to Vail. What will it be like in May?

Will I need to rent a car? Do I have to have 4-wheel drive? My friend told me to get chains. Should I put them on when I leave the airport?

It's very important the resort has an espresso machine so I can have a double vanilla mochaccino in the morning. Do you think they'll have one?

Bonus points to anyone who answers all those questions and puts them in a Sticky thread. Extra bonus points for creating the "What resorts can I ski at in October and November?" Sticky thread for next fall.

And finally, Don't Mess With Texas!
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Happy St. Pattys Day!
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April and May Skiing

Without a doubt the best skiing into May is Banff, Alberta's Sunshine Village. Last year I was skiing powder during that month.

Capuccino's? Banff has dozens of cafe's and there is a Starbuck's in the hotel up at Sunshine as well for your fix.

Lift passes from Banff include bus transportation from the hotel, so you don't need a car. If you insist anyway, chains are not required as the valley will be free of snow at that time - not that we ever use them here. Good winter tires suffices.

NB: elevation at Sunshine Village tops out below 9000 ft. and the town of Banff is only 3500 - 4000. In the Canadian Rockies we say "where the view, not the altitude, take your breath away.

October you will find some ski touring up at that passes like Bow Summit. SSV and Lake Louise opened this year Nov 9! The first World Cup downhills for men and women are held at Lake Louise for a reason. Guaranteed snow.

Good Luck!

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And finally, Don't Mess With Texas!
I was told by a co-worker that it was: Go ahead, Mess with Texas.

I saw many Texas license plates headed to Steamboat yesterday afternoon.
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Vail will be closed by mid-April. Snow's not the issue - money is (they can't make enough).

But, A-Basin will open until June, and Loveland will be open through April, possibly into May.

If you time your runs with the sun, April and May skiing is wonderful.
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I think there's a hill in Dubai that's open all year long and airconditioned as well. And there's no place to get good coffee like the Gulf.

How many postings was that Vinn?
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Originally Posted by htafel View Post
Without a doubt the best skiing into May is Banff, Alberta's Sunshine Village.
I'm not sure I'd go as far as "without a doubt", but you're absolutely right that's a killer destination that isn't overwhelmed. I love Banff!
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