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Woman sits on toilet 2 years

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Honey, Merry Christmas! Come on out....please?
Maybe tomorrow.

Honey, It's July 4th. Come on out....please?
Maybe tomorrow.

Honey, it's Christmas again. Come on out....please?
Maybe tomorrow.

Honey, it's July 4th again. Come on out...please?
Maybe tomorrow.

When do you:
Brush your teeth?
Comb and cut your hair?

Maybe mental? There's no MAYBE about this!::
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I think I already posted somewheres that I don't think these two stories:

are unrelated.
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Bonni - At least you didn't say "No but(t)s about it!"
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Jimmy P, that would be unladylike.


Comprex, she was not young......not that young. And I don't think she was suicidal. Depressed, insane even, but not suicidal.

Although, without cleaning the toilet for 2 years and doing all your private functions without 'cleaning', the smell alone could kill you. Imagine not using TP. Or tampons. The mold and bacteria would accumulate and grow.......

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hahaha I heard about this story on Jessi and Shotgun (Denver country radio station) the other morning. Its hilarious
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Poor f''n woman. To sit there ......... depression ..... no kidding.

I see no humor in this at all. Only the sadness of someone so trapped by whatever demons or monsters that live under the covers that drove her in there.

Could I deal with it?

Probably about the only person here that could would be VA.

I did a stint in a mental hospital and only lasted six months ... the things I saw .... the heart break .... I left every night in tears. I admire those that can take it and go on and help. I feel much less a person because I couldn't.

That poor soul was in a hell the likes of which are only knownst to her.
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Poor f''n woman. To sit there ......... depression ..... no kidding.

I see no humor in this at all.
Me neither.

I merely wonder about the boyfriend's role in this: passive codependent or intimidator?
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Of course it's funny. Of all the things to do when you are depressed, sitting on a toilet for 2 whole years has to be the nuttiest.

If I posted it in the lounge, drewski180 would not have seen it and given his valuable comment.
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They are both probably two sad souls on the dole and the meds and their elevators probably never make it off the first floor.

My first reaction too was .... a gawk and a hoot ... but then having to detatch the seat since her flesh grew around it ..... the gravity of how pathetic they were hit.
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Decades of Stooges and Python training means we have quite a highly trained response to bathos and burlesque.
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If someone finds this funny, then they are ones also to find the whole Brittney Spears thing funny. Here is one really sick girl, and her disease is nothing more than a freak show for the masses.

There is no humor in mental illness. I know first hand about the horrors of living with someone suffering from bipolar.
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Spear Britney.

I guess I should have posted this in the Lounge. But then you wouldn't have this subject to talk about, eh artimus? And what other forum would it fit into? Eh? Food and drink? Off Season Sports?
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Shame, shame......

Originally Posted by Bonni View Post
Spear Britney.

I guess that this says it all. I guess that you could've posted it in 'lack of understanding and compassion for your fellow person'. I have a feeling that you would be in good company there. If it was posted in the lounge and I was a 'supporting member' how would that change anything, other then you've been called out here in the PUBLIC AREA of this forum? Bad taste is bad taste, but when you try to back it up it looks even worse. Care to cut your nose off to spite your face?

I have a feeling that you feel that your 11,000+ posts give you sense of superiority over me. The fact that you are a supporter of this site means what, that you can post insensitive and degrading material?

Here are the facts, 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental illness. It is a disease not an choice. Because of the STIGMA attached to mental illness (this thread is a prime example) only half of the people will seek treatment. And with your absolutely despicable health care system, isn't it possible that that poor woman could not afford the proper health care needed. When I first came to this site (before YOU), it was a cool place to talk about skiing and life. Now it's just turned into schoolyard bullying and name calling. Even the Maggots have a better code of ethics.

Times like these I'm proud and glad to be in Canada where if the choice is made, treatment is available to all.
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Health intervention was probably available for these two and they were probably on disability and getting checks off the dole. Just a guess of course.

As long as no one is making noise, perhaps she had no other relatives to alert Human Services, how could they become involved. Her significant other was probably not exactly playing with a full deck either.

It is indeed sad, but I'm sure that there are folks in Canada who will slip through the proverbial "net".

And here, amidst our freedoms are the rights to refuse services, take medications, and opt for what is not necessarily in their best interests ... all despite "the net". Of course, in "the old days" she would have been confined and having seen some of that confinement, sitting on the can was probably a wise choice.
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Oh, lighten UP, artimus. Not every mentally ill person or situation is dire and serious.:

I guess I should have read this article and not bothered to post it. We're talking about it. Isn't that a good thing?:

As for your assumptions about me personally, you don't have a clue. I'm probably one of the mentally ill myself at this point in time. I keep going from sane to insane on a weekly basis. Shame on you for not taking ME seriously.

And I forgot to post this LIE, the most hilarious thing I've ever read, and you wrote it (what were you thinkin?):

"Even the Maggots have a better code of ethics."

PS. Tull said it best:

Don't want to be a fat man,
people would think that I was
just good fun.
Would rather be a thin man,
I am so glad to go on being one.
Too much to carry around with you,
no chance of finding a woman who
will love you in the morning and all the night time too.

Don't want to be a fat man,
have not the patience to ignore all that.
Hate to admit to myself half of my problems
came from being fat.
Won't waste my time feeling sorry for him,
I seen the other side to being thin.
Roll us both down a mountain
and I'm sure the fat man would win.
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Bonni is nuts.

I am nuts.

And you sir, are Canadian and for that there is no cure. And in London no less? Hopeless!

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We nutbars have to stick together, Yuki. The Others may just take over the planet!
post #18 of 19 least she didn't have to get up to take a dump!
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tsk tsk, doogiedoc.........don't you have any compassion for the mentally defective? I mean, if your skin grows around the seat, you couldn't get up to clean yourself....think about this a minute.

People don't stop to think about what life was like for this poor woman who said she was OKAY. Thinking about it more than just reading the story is about all people ever do, then brush it aside, say something like "Wow, that's nuts" and don't give it another thought.

I think about all the things that went on each day she sat there. About what it was like day one and two, and then day 400, then past that. It's truly sad and frightening that she thinks she is OKAY.
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