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Adjusting Rossignol Bindings.

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I have a set of Rossignol Axial 120 bindings mounted on some older style Rossi B2's. My old boots were a 26.5 Rossi shell and I bought some new Salomon Falcon boots today, also a 26.5 shell. The problem is the Falcons are longer externally than my old Rossi boots so don't fit in the bindings.
Is it possible to adjust the bindings (at a guess they need to be approx 8-10mm longer) or am I looking at re-drilling?
Many thanks.
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The adjustment screw is on the back of the heel plate. You need to turn it counter-clockwise until it is flush with the binding with the boot in the binding. (What constitutes flush seems to be a matter of interpretation I've found.)
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