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Internal Boot Shims

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I recently bought new liners and conformable insoles. On a follow up visit I noted to the bootfitter that I had a hard time getting my right foot flat on the snow. This is not a new problem but the Intuition liners and insoles seemed to make it more pronounced. My natural gliding position seems to be slightly on the inisde edge of my right ski. He said, "I think I can help that" and put a black plastic wedge under the big toe side of my right insole that runs from my arch to the end of my big toe.
I have not yet tried the new setup but placing more pressure on the inside edge of my foot seems backwards to me. It's the outside edge of the ski that's too high.
Did he shim the proper side of my boot/foot? If so can you explain why?
Does the cuff alingnment have any impact on getting the ski to sit flat on the snow?
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You have made some big changes with a new liner and new footbeds. Both of those changes can effect your balance in your boot.

Is the boot new? What was the reason for a new liner and footbed?

A big chunk of bootfitting involes re-distribution of pressure. your bootfitter is attemting to re-distribute the pressure your foot is applying to the earth. Sometimes pressure re-distribution can be counter intuitive. Is he doing the right thing? Impossible to say from here without seeing your foot and your boot. Is the shim the answer? Go ski with it and see.

The best way too troubleshoot is to make one change at a time and assess the net effect. This could include adjusting the cuff alignment, it could involve tweaking the new footbed (the shim your bootfitter put in falls into a footbed/alignment tweak).

Keep working with your fitter to resolve your feeling on snow.
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