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Falcon 10 forward lean

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I'm getting a little bit of pistoning on my left boot. My heal lifts up slightly under hard forward lean pressure. I was wondering if adjusting both the medial and lateral canting adjustments further forward would help hold my heal down. Or will this just make it worse?
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The lateral cant adjustments in the Salomon Falcon 10 will not have the slightest effect in heel lift.

See a qualified bootfitter that can assess your foot and the boot you own.

How much space do you have when shell sizing? Do you have a custom footbed or trim to fit footbed? How many days of skiing do you have on the boots?

Common fixes for heel lift could include:

buckling the boot tighter
getting into the right size and shape boot
tongue shim of neoprene or eliminator tongue
heel lifts or combo of heel lift and bondtex shims
ankle wrap
L pads
instep pads
etc, etc, etc,

see a good bootfitter
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Yes, bootfiter!

OK they don't exist in WV. At least a good one.

I'm looking for an intermediate remedy until I go to Race camp in Steamboat next December or a westwardly vacation next season. Or maybe SLC in May? Wish!

I have custom footbeds. They are kind of old. OK, they need replacement. I moved the upper buckle out to the furthest shell fitting. I moved the 3D power strap up also.

My right boot fits perfectly. My right big toe has been broken at least 4 times. I used to play soccer and rugby. So my right foot is about 1/2 size larger than my left. The liner on the left boot may have packed out slightly in the bulges that retain the heal.

I'd estimate the boots have about 80 ski days.

Will a heal wedge in one boot knock me off profoundly?
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Usually we put heel lifts in on both boots.

80 days in the boots is enough to pack out the liner.

I would recommend a tongue shim of some sort to shore up the fit and help drive your heel down and back in the boot. If this is not enough try a small heel lift.
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